Disney Magic…

So, we need to get caught up on some photos… ready.  Here are a couple.

When we left the harbour at Charlotte Amalie, we passed one of the Disney Cruise Ships.  You may have seen this one before and in fact, some of you may have been on it.

When you look at the second photo notice that Goofy is painting the name… not a normal feature on a cruise ship I don’t think.

2 thoughts on “Disney Magic…”

  1. Wow, I bet that looks big beside yours however…….our cabin on the cruise isn’t as big as your living quarters. We are getting very excited about our up coming cruise and will keep an eye out for you….hopefully we can meet up on our travels! Your boat is beautiful! Enjoy & relax!

    Capt. Jo

  2. Yes, they are very very big. A few more amenities than ours too! But, we’re doing pretty well. Plus we can get into places that they can’t. 🙂

    Hopefully, we’ll be able to connect. We’ll see what the wind and sea gods say.


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