Just Some Shots of the Boys…

Okay, at this point, I feel compelled again to mention that the boys are still doing schoolwork.  They have spelling and spelling tests just like normal.  They have presentation assignments, and today Caroline even had them doing a bit of a scavenger hunt to find Caribbean things.

More “appropriate” shots of the boys.

8 thoughts on “Just Some Shots of the Boys…”

  1. Sweet school. I just came back from taking my students to a beautiful National park, but sadly, the trip was only for a few days. As I look your pictures of warm water and inviting beaches, I ask you to tell your father to stop complaining about the rain.

    1. Yes, yes, okay…. enough about the rain. I have said that it was warm and we’ve missed a lot of it. And, now we have the forward hatch sealed properly so we’re not getting wet inside anymore. Woo hoo.

      Which park did you go to?

  2. Such wonderful shots of the boys, looking so sun-kissed and relaxed. such a gift to your family. i am so amazed by the beauty. keep sending those pictures!

  3. PS. Don’t tell them I said so (cuz I don’t want to sabotage the lessons when you do give them!), but …. don’t worry about the school stuff …. trip of a lifetime! They will learn far more from this experience than they will sitting in a desk …. and at this age, they catch up so quickly anyway! Trust me!

    Enjoy the hammock life! They look so relaxed!

    1. I believe there to be truth in that. Having said that, the funny thing is that when I received this the boys were in the middle of a spelling test. 🙂 Now they’re journalling, reading stories and doing math (Noah, Matthew and Ethan). The studies are including some other pretty cool things though like astronomy, flags, nautical navigation, and, of course, pirating.

  4. Keep up with the pirating studies, it is a course that is inadequately taught here on the prairies. We went to Riding Mtn National Park. The weather in Winnipeg has been freakish warm all winter. Last summer there was heat, moisture and no mosquitos. Maybe the Mayans were onto something.

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