Landfall and More Rain

We’ve made a sighting of Sint Maarten / St Martin, and we’ve decided that we’re going to anchor in a lagoon to give us a better chance of flat water sleep as well as allow us to work on the boat and purchase supplies.  But, first we must wait for the 11:30 bridge opening to let us in to the lagoon.  Did I mention that we had a torrential downpour while we were waiting?  But, again, we did see more rainbows.

Here we are entering the lagoon in a line of vessels — big and bigger.

And, once we anchor this ends our first big passage as a family.  We’re done.  Excited.  Exhausted.  Ready for Rest, oh ya, and checking into Customs before anyone gets upset.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Landfall and More Rain”

  1. Hey Paul,
    Do you pull the dinghy up on the foredeck for the longer crossings? Looks like it in the photos.

    1. Hey,

      Great question. We have pulled the dinghy up on the foredeck for the big passage. The reason is that it was at night and we didn’t want to lose it if we had rough weather. It was also long enough that we gain a bit of time by having it on deck. Although having said that, it’s a lot of work to get it up on deck… motor off and up in one of the lockers, fuel tank up and strung to the lifelines, dinghy hauled by the main halyard on to deck. A big operation… but worth it to not loss our “car/truck”.

      I think that we’ll put it up on deck if we do any overnights or if we expect bad weather.

      Talk soon,

  2. Looking forward to seeing more photos from your stay in St. Martin. It was great to spend some time with your family,

    1. Hi Genia,

      It was great to see you again too…. again and again and again. You must have almost thought we were stalking all of you. 🙂

      Fair winds

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