Touring St Martin

We took a day (Saturday Feb 11th in fact) to tour the island of St Martin by car.

Here’s a picture of the resort area and marina where Legend docked.

A picture of the east coast of St Martin.

A couple pictures of Philipsberg where a couple of you who are travelling by cruise ship this winter will be docking.

We love to see a new country we’re visiting by car.  You really get to know the country quickly and intimately.







4 thoughts on “Touring St Martin”

  1. What a beautiful Island, it looks like a calming place for sure.
    Just for the record……you couldn’t pay me enough to climb up that high on the boat.
    I am not afraid of heights…..just of falling!!!

    Capt. Jo

    1. Yes, definitely a beautiful place.

      I’m sure that I wouldn’t be climbing if it weren’t for the bosun’s chair. And, yes, falling is a bad thing in general. Thankfully I trust Caroline to keep the line/rope tight. Now that’s love.


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