Sunset and Sailing Off

Yes, another sunset.  We were again moored with an unobstructed view of the west.  And, we were fortunate enough to see the “green flash” each night as the sun set.  The “green flash” is what happens just after the sun finally sets.  The moment the sun disappears you can sometimes in some situations see a green flash.  [Paul’s thought – it is likely a visual perception trick of the absence of the yellowy-orange sunlight).  Whatever it is… it’s cool.

So, after the sunset, we woke up the next morning to a stranger phenomenon here – a northwesterly swell.  The swell is just waves that have a long period or time between waves.  They may be 10 seconds between waves and in this case are about 3 metres or 10 feet high.  So, the boat was rolling a fair bit on the mooring but quite safe.  The crashing waves were spectacular.

With the northwest swell on our hind quarter, we took off to sail to St. Kitts.

Here is Saba as we left it.


2 thoughts on “Sunset and Sailing Off”

  1. Finally found your blog Paul…and what a treat! Thank you for being so inspiring – you and your family truly define ‘living life large’. God bless and stay well during your journey 🙂 Rosemary

    1. Thanks Rosemary. We are really having the adventure of a lifetime and arguably we’ve had a couple before and will continue to have more… hopefully.


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