Starfish at Whitehouse Bay

We move from Basseterre to a very calm and wonderful bay called Whitehouse Bay.  After we had arrived a sailor from another boat came over and introduced himself as being from Peterborough.  He and his wife spend from November to April down here.  Not bad!

It’s actually interesting that we have seen more Canadian flags on boats down here than ever before.  Maybe we’re not the only Canadians to have figured out this pirating in the Caribbean thing.  🙂

When we went ashore, we found this starfish on top of the dock.

And, to all my speaker friends, not one starfish story came to mind!

2 thoughts on “Starfish at Whitehouse Bay”

  1. Hey Paul,

    As a “speaker friend” I wasn’t aware that there was more than one starfish story!!

    Great to see that you are all have a great time and still staying safe.

    (And yes, I am still jealous.)

    – Jim

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