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If you’d like to send us a message, please do.  We would love to hear from you.  Either respond to one of the blog posts, just leave a reply below, or learn how to contact us.  As for the bottle thing, well, go for it.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

The Frazers

52 thoughts on “Send Us Your Messages… In A Bottle?”

  1. Hey guys!

    We’re just checking in on you to see what’s up. Sounds like fun. 22.8 degrees? That’s well… That’s rather perfect. Unless of course you want to skate on a lake or river! Not so good then!! You guys better not doing any skating. my advice.

    Have a great time. We’ll be checking in often.


    1. Hey Shaun,

      Great to hear from you. We have made it to beautiful Nanny Cay. We just went to look at the boat. They’re starting the work on it. Woo hoo. Hopefully we’ll have it in a couple of days.

      As for skating…. we’ll hold off for a while.


    2. Simply fantastic what “a legendary adventure”; Daniela and I have been following the pictures and commentary, etc. A beautiful experience — bar none. Best wishes for a continued great voyage.
      Your friends…Sid and Daniela

      1. Hey Sid, Daniela,
        Thanks for connecting and staying in touch. Yes, it is quite the adventure. Lots of stories. Will miss you at NSA but very much looking forward to seeing you at CAPS.
        All the Best,

    1. Thanks Ravi… Starting our first day in the hotel… saw the boat and will wait as it gets some work done on it…The Fun Has Started!


  2. Hello to you all Congrats on the adventure enjoy keep writing and stay safe, we here on 2nd floor will be keeping track and wishing that we were there All the best and just for your info 10 cm of snow and -26 so you aren’t missing much here

    1. Hello 2nd Floor….my brain is officially mush, although I almost had to put my first set of stitches in and we haven’t even left the dock!! Tomorrow is the official start…the generator is now installed (failed just before we arrived) along with numerous other repairs. We just bought a second hand kayak (someone found it floating at sea…how lucky for us!) so we are ready to hit the waves. Next stop, Treasure Island.
      Keep in touch…I miss you folks, but can’t say I miss the work for the moment…I am enjoying just being a mom for a change.
      Take care!! You are never far from my thoughts.

  3. Just read your blog. Wish I was there with you. .Coldest day of the year so far. Those panckes look great . Does the on board chef have the recipe? Love to all the Frazer Pirates. From The Greats!

    1. Hey Greats, Good to hear from you. We’ve just moored for our first night at sea. At a wonderful bay that we go to a lot. Definitely warmer weather here. 🙂

      Just finished supper and it is getting quite dark. Soon time to put the generator on to charge everthing up.

      All the Best from the Pirates.

  4. Hi Paul and Caroline and boys.
    My family and I were just looking at your website. Hanna and Ellen were just wondering if the boys have to do homework.
    Dan and I were wondering if you are planning on going to the Abacos?
    Looks like quite the adventure….the 4 of us are quite jealous because it is going to be – 38 here this week ….
    Have a wonderful time and we will keep watching your adventure unfold.
    The Marshalls

    1. Hey Sheryle. Great to hear from you. I can’t believe it’s -38. In fact, actually, I can believe it. Yikes.

      Hanna and Ellen…. yup, they do have to do homework. They’ve already started school to some degree but starting tomorrow they will be getting into some real curriculum work. I think that their homework may be a little different than the norm from time to time. 🙂

      We are not going to be going to Abacos. We’re keeping the adventure to just the Eastern Caribbean. We’ll be going everywhere from Puerto Rico to the Grenadines and all points in between. Right now we’re in the British Virgin Islands and will be in the BVI and the USVI for a little while.

      Can’t wait to connect more soon.


      PS. Tonight is our first night on the boat at sea. Feels great.

  5. Hi gang!
    Just found your website and have bookmarked it. It’s added to my computer junkie routine now! Love all the pictures and updates. Looking forward to reading about all your adventures!

    1. Hi Siobhan,
      Thanks for connecting. We’re back to “civilization” or internet access as it is sometimes called. Having a great time and expecting Shelley and Marie from the office to come in tomorrow night. Can’t wait.

  6. Anxious to hear how everything is going. Is my little sister, Marie, safe on board? Wishing all of you the most beautiful adventure!on the beautiful Legend!

    1. Hi Nancy,
      Yes, all is well. I think it’s safe to say that she’s have an experience unlike anything that she’s had before. She sent you and email tonight. More news to follow.
      Cheers Paul

      1. Thanks Paul! Can’t thank you and Caroline enough for sharing your dream with my little sister! Will look forward to any and all updates and tales of Marie and all of you at sea!!Marie stories are usually pretty funny because if you tell a joke, she doesn’t usually get it til about 4 hours later….Safe journey!!


    1. Hi Back,

      We’re having a great adventure with pretty good weather and I believe they will come back with a bunch of stories. 🙂

      the Pirates

  8. Hi Frazer family,
    We have figured out your website, thanks to Dr. Popiel, and are following with envy. Hope you have a fabulous adventure full of fun and experience that will no doubt last a lifetime. Have fun and stay safe…keep blogging
    “The Girls Back Home on 3rd Floor”

    1. We’re now back to the land of the internet… until it disappears. We’ll catch everyone up on our passage and the busyness since then. Thanks for following us. Stay tuned. Paul and the Pirates.

    2. Hey “Girls”,

      Thanks for following us. Please to come back and comment often. We’re not always connected to the internet but the blog is always here. Caroline is very happy you’re connected. I’ll try and get her to comment online sometime soon.

      Hope all is well there on the 3rd.

      Paul and the Pirates

  9. Great to see all of your great pictures. Taking and posting is a lot of work but it keeps you all connected with us back home. Caroline, ask Paul what specific procedure he used to rename your boat. Appeasement of the sea gods and all. I may be in need of the process, since Gail and I have purchased a used boat. For me it’s been 25 years since last I sailed so its going to be interesting to say the least. Ann is doing great, she is still learning to put names to faces.
    You all have a great, safe trip,
    Bill Rowe

    1. Hi Bill,

      We’re really happy we can stay connected to everyone. Believe it or not, there a hundreds of photos that we don’t get to put up.

      As for the appeasement of the sea gods, I did some research and found a renaming ceremony that I thought would be appropriate (read fun as well). All we needed was the text and some of the champagne that we had. I can look for it and send it to you if you like (the text not the champagne, that was fully finished :-). And, congratulations on getting the boat! Wonderful news.

  10. How amazing to see you on this incredible adventure! And how the boys have grown. We will be following you from Halifax… and know that you are being held in prayer. Thank you for sharing this with us… take care and God bless. From you friends on the East Coast.

    1. Hey Allison,

      That’s so great that you found our adventure online. Yes, the boys don’t stop growing. And, I’m sure that Ibrahim is just a little different now!

      Please do stay in touch.

      All the Best,

  11. Bonjour Matthew! Comment ça va?
    Tout le monde aime les photos.
    Est-ce que tu aimes ton voyage?
    Est-ce que tu nages beaucoup?
    Est-ce que tu parles beaucoup en Français?

    Tout le monde travaille très fort ici!
    Tout le monde lit très bien en Français.
    Mercredi, tout le monde va au “Wheeler’s Pancakes House”. Tout le monde mange des crêpes et de la tire! Hummmmm!
    Tu es un bon ami Matthew!
    Tu es gentil.
    De la classe.

  12. Hi Paul and family:

    I’ve been reading of your adventures with envy 🙂 What courage it takes and what an adventure.

    My husband and i will be in St. Martin on Friday – travelling with the Windstar Cruise line…maybe we will be ships passing in the night.

    Anyways – from one old “speaking” friend in Calgary to another – congratulations on “living the dream”.

    Stephanie 🙂

    1. Thanks Stephanie,

      It’s been a really great experience. I highly suggest everyone find their legendaryadventure.

      We’re actually in Antigua now… if you’re coming down this way. The blog is a little bit behind “reality” as it takes time to upload pics, write and upload the posts.

      Hope you have a great holiday!!



  14. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe all the beauty that is surrounding you. I was there, I experienced it and I still find it hard to believe. You all look well. Miss you and love you!

  15. Hello Noah and Family!!
    We have spent the last hour looking at your pics and we want to be with you sooooooo bad! All we have outside our portable is MUD. Everyone misses you and says “HI NOAH” . . . They love the picture of you sitting on the giant leaf.
    Delaney says she misses your math help. Ewan misses you because of your awesometude. Lila misses your huge smile. Jennifer says the bus is lonly without you. Kassidy misses your positive attitude. Evelyn misses you as a friend. Sam M. says he is 20 pages away from Harry Potter book #4. Grace S. misses your “funniness” and now knows where she wants to go on vacation. Sam K. misses your amazing soccer skills.

    Well that is all the time we have for now. The rest of the kids will send you their hello messages another day.
    Take Care and miss you tonnes!
    Ms. Thomson and the Grade 3’s

    1. Hi Class,

      I don’t know what plant the leaf comes from, but my Dad and my big brother Ethan made up names for it like…

      BIggus Caribbeanus
      Leafus Plantus or
      Hugeus gigantus plantus.

      I hear that Sam M is almost on the 4th Harry Potter book. Well, I’m on the 4th, but I’m not allowed to read it until next year. Where does Grace S want to go on vacation? If it’s the Caribbean, she has to be okay with three airplane rides.

      Talk to you soon.

      Your friend

    1. Hi Tessa,

      I’m not doing much except passage making (long boat trips).

      Talk to you soon!

      Your friend,

  16. Hey Noah
    I hope you are having fun. I’m REALLY jealous. Did you read the class’s letter?
    Me,Ben and Ewan miss playing soccer with you[we keep on beating the grade 4’s].I really wish I
    can see all those AWSOME things too. When are you coming back? are going to be back for the last
    day of school?

    SAM K

    1. Hi Sam,

      Would you say hi to Ben for me, please? I am coming back in August. I can believe that you are jealous. It is a good thing that you are beating the grade 4s. I think that if we lose any more games we will be shooting on our own net (if nobody is doing that already). Talk to you soon.

      Your friend,

      Ps. Would you ask Ben for his email. When I email him it doesn’t work. Thanks.
      PPS. The email that isn’t working is
      PPPS Bye Sam

  17. Hey there Travelers of the Caribbean. I am so enjoying your blogs and pictures. Living vicariously through them. Almost like we were there. With the weather lately we wish we were . What an incredible trip and experience for the boys. Take care and look forward to hearing about it when you get home. And the beer.

  18. Hello Noah its Evelyn i miss you as a friend
    i hope you are in my class in grade four

    see you when you get back


    1. [from Noah]
      Hi Evelyn,
      I miss you as a friend too. I hope you’re in my class in grade four when I get back too. You and I think alike. Thanks for following me online.
      your friend,

  19. Hi Caroline…have been following your adventure……it is amazing…….Marie told me what a wonderful time she had…..i like to check every couple of days to see what you guys are up to….wish I was there…but having just said that i just remembered that i get motion sickness so maybe not on the boat just on the amazing beaches in your pictures…..we just hot snow again last night but I am hoping it will all melt soon…..I really need it to be spring…..have lots of fun with Paul and the boys…..missing you …..

    1. Hi Audrey!

      Great to hear from you! I wish I could send you a little spring! I am sure that your daughters will be thrilled when snowsuit weather is behind them…I can’t say I miss the bundling! I hope the blog is helping to share our experience with you at home. On Wednesday we will be seeing Jo-Anne and Doug when their ship lands in the US Virgin Islands. Should be fun!

      Take good care of yourself and keep in touch!


  20. Hello Caroline and family, we are here today working hard busy busy as per usual on this floor, We actually are having a great day, lots of students on a Sat./Sun make for a quiet day for staff nurses, not to mention the OR is closed and 5 beds are closed. We were talking about you wondering how it was going so we have sat down to read the blogwhich is really interesting and fun to read your experiences and Pauls sense of humour and we love love love the pictures. The kids look like they are having a blast, what a life experience, We would love to see some more pics of you as we do miss your smiling face…..Stay Safe, Keep Smiling and Enjoy,,,,oh and just a little note from Cathy if you are looking for a substitute teacher she is willing to come down there and fill in so you can have a bit of a vacation
    Lots of Love
    2nd floor best Line….

    1. Hello 2nd Floor!

      Glad to hear you had a moment of sanity in your crazy schedule…they are few and far between. The kids are having a blast, especially when they have visitors down (ie their cousins just left). Cathy is more than welcome to come to play substitute teacher anytime (just what was she planning on teaching them?!?!?!). As for the pics of me, there is a reason why I take ALL the photographs!
      On a serious note, I hope you are all doing well. I worry about how busy things get, with workloads and the constant hunt for staff.
      Please say hello to all the other departments…I do miss my hospital family.

      Take care!

      1. Hey Caroline, Paul and Pirates
        Thanks for sharing your adventure….loving all the pics of family, the great open blue waters and sunny skies. Still not convinced sailing is for me but John being a sailor of much smaller vessels is totally on board!!!
        Caroline, can you hear Emerg calling?!!!! Where are you? Just kidding. We are still BUSY BUSY and missing you and all the good things you bring to your work family and patients.
        p.s. we too are having the most beautiful March. Warm and sunny. Our ice went out yesterday but still too cold to swim!!!

  21. Nice pic of the standup paddle boating…we have them for sale at the store this year….i just can’t figure out why you would want to stand up and paddle…..oh well…i love checking to see what you guys are up to…LOVE the beach pics..and the sunsets…and the fish…okay everything…..hope everything is going well….weather is improving here…was cutting grass today…yeah…..will check on you again soon


  22. Hey Fraziers!
    Connor and I were just out in the middle of our (city) street checking out the Supermoon. Bet it’s just awesome where you are. It was pretty great where we are, too.

    Best regards,
    Mary, Mike, and Connor

    1. Hey Guys,

      Great to hear from you. In fact, we can’t see it. It’s been completely overcast and will continue to be that way for a the next few days…. oh well. 🙂

      Hopefully we’ll see some sky before the end of the week.

      Thanks for connecting.
      Paul and the Pirates

  23. Hello Caroline, Paul and boys….it is 0145 and we are here on nights, just took the time to check out your pictures and to read the blogs, we really enjoy reading all about your adventures and experiences. The pictures are absolutely amazing. All is well here,,, we really do miss you Caroline, but we are so happy for this great experience that you are able to have with your family. It was really hot and humid here today I think it was 33.4 we set a record YEAH US Dianne Legree is telling us the temp…you know her she is always so precise. Nothing really new here, the SF site is now fully up and running,,,,now maybe we can get a few things done here,ha ha ,,While Dianne and I were looking at the pic. we have decided that her and I are going to retire and start up our own, Laundry/diesel/water boat business…we could also offer first aid…What do you think. Well it is almost time for 2am rounds,,,6 fresh post ops, numerous confused pts, and the good old Abd. Pain NYD lol too funny Love to you all come home safe……

    2nd floor

    the best damn linme out there

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