Caroline’s Update #1

Well, after being on our way for about 7 weeks, it is about high time I actually put pen to paper (figuratively) and wrote a little about our adventure. Paul has been extremely diligent about posting updates on our travels; my ongoing contribution has been the photos, so I have been doing something!

Time has definitely passed quickly. As you know, the first few weeks were spent awaiting repairs on the boat, and then getting ourselves outfitted for our adventures. There were a number of fun and not so fun challenges during that time which were most useful… humbling to remind us of the forces of mother nature, informative as it challenged us to get better acquainted with our boat and a good dry run for what life on a boat would be like. As a result of much of our learning, Paul has been very busy making adjustments and repairs to Legend ever since, and we have become very acquainted with the various chandleries (boat stores) in the Caribbean. We are now finally dry on passages, which is a delightful improvement!

Life has been busy in a very different way from my usual. Those of you who know me well will be shocked (yes, seriously) that I am chief chef on the boat. Yes, the galley is my domain…that means shopping, planning, preparing and cleaning up three meals a day. I say you will be shocked, as those who know me, know that I positively HATE cooking, and if I do any, it likely will involve EGGs as the main dish. I am proud to say that I have embraced the role with zest, and while I will never be Julia Childs, my family seems to be enjoying the food and eating well. (Now, if I can only get my youngest son to eat a vegetable….) Even Shelley and Marie (our first guests, friends from the office) seemed to survive my various culinary experiments (I think). The boat has the additional challenge of trying to cook in a miniscule space, with minimal freezer space (i.e. almost none) and minimal counter space. I have my little systems down, so at least I can find what I need with reasonable ease. Chopping vegetables on a 45 degree angle and cooking while crashing over waves adds yet another dimension to creative cooking. No blade injuries thus far. The food selection has been reasonably broad along the way, although food prices are extremely high (as expected). I grieve every time a fruit or vegetable goes bad before we get to it. At least the rent is reasonable!

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3 thoughts on “Caroline’s Update #1”

  1. I enjoy Paul’s updates, but it is very nice to hear the woman’s perspective.

    Keep up the good work Caroline! Many of us have reached a stage where cooking for the family, especially kids with dietary quirks, has long stoped being a pleasurable task. The vegetable phobia must be Matthew thing, mine is the same.

    Loved the photos of the boats, the colour of the water was spectacular!

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