Caroline’s Update #4

I am rather amazed that I haven’t gone totally stir crazy yet! Those of you who know my (introverted!) need for peace and quiet to rejuvenate from the day are no doubt laughing that I am on a boat with my family for 8 months!! Thank heavens for an understanding husband! The chance to spend time with the boys and Paul was obviously a big motivator for this adventure, and I must say, it has been great. It is wonderful seeing the world through their eyes (although sometimes I wonder if they have any idea what they are missing when they don’t seem to be interested in their surroundings.) I had a great night a week or so ago (neither Matthew nor I could sleep) when Matthew and I spent an hour star gazing with our Star Walk programme on the iPad. What a riot. Matthew was totally impressed with “all the amazing stars in the sky” that he had not previously seen! it is not uncommon that one of the boys comes to visit in the middle of the night. Mom is getting caught up on all the missed cuddles. At least the boys haven’t asked me when I am returning to work yet!!! Paul and I have gotten into the groove of complementary duties on the boat…we are becoming a well-oiled little team. (And no, he hasn’t asked when I am returning to work yet, either). While I teach, he does the laundry ashore and cleans the heads (bathrooms)…somehow, I think I got the better end of the deal.

As for the kids, are they enjoying their time? I think so. There are times when they seem much more interested in their electronic games than the happenings around them. The giggling that happens when they jump off the side of the boat makes me smile. They are very comfortable in the water, which pleases their phobic mother greatly! They miss their friends and school (so they say…!) and they absolutely loved having Marie and Shelley around in January, and then adored spending time with their Uncle Andrew and Aunt Deb when we connected in St. Martin. They are really excited about sharing their time here with friends and family. They absolutely love receiving messages from their buddies (as do we, I might add…it is really lovely to hear from you all). I think we have dubbed this the trip of the “lost teeth” as Noah has already lost two and Matthew is next in line. And yes, the tooth fairy does visit the islands. (We had quite the discussion about whether or not the Easter Bunny can get onto boats in the tropics…I guess we will have to see!) While at times, they seem to be at each other continuously, they really have done exceptionally well living together 24hours a day with little exposure to other kids. Most recently, they presented the first Frazer Film Festival… a close friend recommended a programme downloaded from the internet called Tunetastic that allows you to create movies on the iPad with provided or self created sets and characters. What a riot. I highly recommend it!

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