Caroline’s Update #5

I think Paul has kept you abreast of the islands we have visited, so I won’t comment much on that. What beautiful sights (as the pictures can attest)! Each island seems to have its own unique flavour, and although we can only brush the surface with our brief visits, I think we have gotten a good feel for many of them.

Some islands are more conducive to visiting by boat, others less so. We are currently in a very calm anchorage, off a long white sand beach, while others can be quite rough with lots of rolling and rocking (to which Shelley and Marie can attest!) When we visited with my brother and stayed in the marina at Anse Marcel (St Martin), I actually had trouble sleeping because the boat was motionless! Imagine. Even Noah commented that he did better with a bit of motion! Normally we hear the squeak of the mooring lines, or the mooring ball banging against the hull (in the really quiet anchorages when we literally bob beside the mooring), or even the ropes groaning up on deck. Recently, in the evenings, we can hear the crunching sound of the reef fish feeding, amplified through the hull of the boat. Very weird!

And so, I think I have pontificated quite enough. I hope this is adequate response to the many emails inquiring as to life on the boat. I think of you at home very often, especially those of you who are dealing with illness or loss. You are ever in our prayers. As I mentioned, we absolutely LOVE receiving your messages

Keep well, hug your family and come visit!

Happy winds until next time!


2 thoughts on “Caroline’s Update #5”

  1. Caroline

    I am really enjoying hearing about the trip from your perspective. I am scared to death of water (particularly the ocean), so your stories (especially about being at the helm alone at night) are very inspiring. Very educational, as well.

    I look forward to more.

    Happy Sailing

    1. Hi Grant!
      Paul’s response to your comment was…”he is always so nice when he replies to yours!” We love hearing your posts (oh, you make me laugh!) I am glad you enjoy (in a scary sort of way) the posts…it is a fine line between courage and insanity, and I sometimes wonder which side of the line I walk!
      I’ll keep the posts coming!
      Hellos to your lovely (and tolerant?!?!) wife!

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