The Adventures of Noah’s Mouth

Noah has had quite a set of adventures with regard to his mouth on this trip. The first adventure was actually an accident. He saw that his brother was going to have trouble getting across from the boat to the dock and tried to help Matthew. Unfortunately, they both ended up slipping and it resulted in Noah hitting his mouth on the transom (back of the boat).

Then he lost a tooth that had been loose for a while. And, recently, he lost a second tooth. In both cases, the tooth fairy came. And, in both cases he’s been very proud of his new grin. And, he wanted to have a post to show off his new smile. So, here it is:


4 thoughts on “The Adventures of Noah’s Mouth”

    1. [from Noah]

      Hi Louise,
      The Adventures of My Mouth hurt, and were wet. But, I was happy I tried to help my brother.
      Talk to you soon,

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