Jolly Views

Here are a couple of views of what we saw at the Harbor. What a great harbor it was. Shallow and well protected which meant that we moved very liittle as I’d mentioned. It was also a pretty well developed harbor with a wide assortment of restaurants, shops, chandlery, etc. which was nice.


One of the really interesting things that they had was something that they’re trying to develop at our home port in Nanny Cay. They have dock-side condos. You can see them in the picture. They are 2 story, relatively narrow condos that you have access to your own private dock. They are very neat to look at and certainly are appealing for those who want to come down and have a place to “home-base” from. All of the docks are Med moorings which means that your boat’s stern or backend gets put up against the dock while your front end is pulled out by piling, anchor or some other system.