Leaving Jolly Harbor

I do my best to pick good weather windows for when and where we travel next. So far, things have worked out quite well. We’ve missed the swells as much as we can. Here’s a great shot of what we saw behind us leaving Jolly Harbor.

It also shows our car/truck. I don’t believe that I’ve mentioned that we now call our dinghy, or tender, Myth. The reason, it’s a great complementary word/concept to Legend, or course. And, in the same spirit, the kids have decided that the big lime green kayak that we have and you’ve seen in a number of photos is called Nessie. They figure that the Loch Ness monster is green and huge like the kayak, so…. there you go… Nessie it is.


And, here is a shot of Noah and Matthew in the companionway. This is spot they sometimes like to sit to get out of the way and out of the wind. It is the entrance way to down below. Again, I’m not sure what they’re conferring on, but expect it’s world peace, Mom’s lunch, the state of the economy, or something important like that.


PS. For those who know the boys, you will notice that they are getting even blonder as the weeks pass.

4 thoughts on “Leaving Jolly Harbor”

  1. And now there is a ready name for the little pieces of the swim ladder that stick out of your transom too:


    Can we bring some more duct tape with us? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Now, that’s funny. Ya, sure, Duct or Gorilla Tape…. it’s waterproof. Actually my new favourite tape is the blue masking tape…..it does a ton of stuff. And, my new favourite silicone adhesive is 3M 4000 UV. ๐Ÿ™‚

      My hope is that I’m going to be able to find plugs for the Mythbusters. Still haven’t found what I’m looking for though.

      1. Hmmm…
        Let me know the diameter of the Mythbusters. I’m thinking that either crutch tips or some sort of plastic cap (such as you might find on the metal leg of a chair) might fit the bill. If I find something, we can bring it down IN EXACTLY 5 WEEKS with any other provisions you might need.

        1. Yes, I’ve been looking for something. I like the crutch kind of thing. I’ll take a look at the dimensions and send you the information offline(email.) Thanks for helping out!

          Tick Tock Tick Tock….

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