Heading To Deep Bay – Preparing to Leave Antiqua

So, it was time to head from Antigua and so we headed to a more northerly port called Deep Bay.

Here’s a neat picture from the front of Legend. You can see the fender locker, the anchor locker as well as the furling jib. You can also see all of the boats that we need to navigate around to get out of the harbor.


But, first before we leave… a view of the calvacade of lights that we got to see each evening. Big Boats….Big Lights…


So, we’ve left Falmouth and now are heading up to Deep Bay. Here is a beautiful beach just south of Deep Bay that we didn’t have time to get to this time. Maybe next time.


Here’s a rock that they call Turtle Rock, but from this angle, I think it looks like Kermit the Frog. Thoughts?


A few rooms with a view!


I love this picture. It shows a VERY beautiful side of sailing. Boats are just beautiful to look at in their different design and shapes. And, watching a boat under sail…. lovely.


Just another shot… nature… magnificant.