Barbuda – A Beautiful Place

Barbuda really did not disappoint. It’s out of the way and not a lot of people get here. But, it’s worth the trip. The beaches are amazing. In fact, it’s mostly one big beach. One beach along the west coast is about 11 miles long. In fact, it’s the one that we’re anchored on. And, we’re very fortunate as the swell is from the east so that we can actually anchor. And, when we make it in the water is really flat… at least to start.

This is a shot of Matthew and Legend after we make it ashore. This to me is what it is all about. It’s certainly not always like this and in a day the anchorage is going to turn a bit rolly because of the huge swell on the East Coast. It actually is making it’s way around the island which is a pretty big island.


And, this is what it’s all about for the boys. 🙂


The beach looking north.


Ahhhh….. serene.


The beach actually has a pink hue. Here’s the reason…. pink shells that provide the sand.


Again, did I mention what the boys like!


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  1. Yup. Quite something. The surf came up and the boys then had a great boogie boarding and wave beach.

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