Barbuda – The Tour – Part 1

We went on an amazing water and then land tour of Barbuda. This is the first part of the trip with our guide, George Jeffreys. It was truly amazing for a number of reasons… Let’s start the tour.

George took us to the following buoy. Big deal, you say. Well, it is for a couple of reasons. One, this buoy is an ocean buoy and it now located in the lagoon of Barbuda. The lagoon, by the way, is the largest of all the lagoon in the Caribbean including all of the big islands like Puerto Rico, etc. And, the second interesting point is that it doesn’t below in the Caribbean. It’s Canadian. It got detached in a storm and then travelled all the way over to Spain and then down the coast of Africa and then ended up at sea off the coast of Barbuda. Very cool.


The lagoon is also known for being the largest sanctuary in the world for frigate birds. They come, mate and nest here. 20,000 of them. There are black males, white fronted females, and white or white and black juveniles. The males also may display a big red balloon to promote that they are interested in looking for a mate.

Realize that mating season is almost over. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


Check out the cute baby frigate.


And, the males… I can here the comments coming now.


A little more about George. He was an amazingly generous and kind gentleman who shared his island with us in a most wonderful way. On this island of about 1500 people, everyone knows everyone and I am sure that everyone has a very high regard for George. He is part of the reason we’re travelling. To meet people who just make you feel good, who you can learn from and who honour their country and their place in it.


And, here’s a shot of George making the kids day. Take a look at Matthew’s hair. Let’s just say that it takes a fair bit of force for it to be pushed back that much. George, the boys thank you for the quick ride back to the dock! 🙂