Barbuda – The Tour – Part 2

For the second part of the tour, George handed us off to Devon for the land tour. Devon too was a local Barbudan who obviously cared about his visitors and also respected his home.

The land tour was going to consist of going to “The Caves” and then doing some running around the town of Codrington for supplies and lunch.

Here is a shot of the boys playing in a small cave on the north end of the island.


Here is the view of the north coast…. different by still lots of beach.


Here’s a great shot of what the bigger caves were like. This is where the Arawak Indians used when they lived on the island. This area was their kitchen area.


And, this is a picture of us coming back into the bedroom areas.


After Devon dropped us off with George, we then went back across the lagoon to get back to Legend. Here’s a shot of George on the lagoon side walking down the beach.