Barbuda – The Swell

As I alluded to, there was a swell that we were trying to stay away from. It was an easterly swell and we were on the western side of the island. We were sheltered for a while but then it got big enough that it made its way around the island. What did that mean for us? Well, the boat got rolly at anchor, and the kids got excited about beach time and the waves.

Here are some shots of the boys at play.

Ethan – Water Boy


Ethan – Boogie Boarding


Matthew – Going for the Touchdown


Noah – A Moment of Non Motion


Another reward of Barbuda…spectacular sunsets.


The other interesting thing that happened the night before we left was a wedding at the hotel where we were anchored near. It was a wedding where people were helicoptered into the hotel and they had a lot of stuff flown in for the wedding. But the bonus that we got to enjoy was the fireworks on the evening of the wedding. So, the kids stayed up got to see the fireworks and then slept in as we left at 6 am the next morning for our next port. St. Barts.