Gustavia – St Barts

Another successful passage. And we arrive in another French port. I can tell you that the French islands have great food and know how to bake their bread. The influences of the mother country are very much front and centre. The restaurants create wonderful food, the grocery stores are stocked as they would be in France (including wonderful meats, yum), and the buildings are quaintly European.

Here is one of the many dinghy docks that the port has. The country is geared toward the cruise ship tourist, as well as the rich and famous but they do look after the yachtsmen and women quite well. The checking in procedure is really painless relative to other countries and islands.


Lots of shops including Cartier, Bulgari, Quiksilver, Carat, etc. We didn’t get a chance to experience one of the restaurants, as we had a great BBQ steak on the boat, but we can assume that they are wonderful. And, many had great views as well.


This is also the land of big ships as well. For New Year’s Eve, the harbour is full of huge boats for the annual fireworks. Apparently quite something. It’s always interesting to look at these boats. I always spot at least one or two boat boys or girls scurrying about cleaning something or doing something else. Ahh, that’s a thought. I should be getting the boys to polish the brightwork, and swab the deck…. why am I? Oh ya, child labour laws. Now, where was I? St. Barts. A brief stop here in Gustavia to check in and then off the next day for a quick tour to a couple of other bays.


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