Passage To Island of Ile Fourchu

Don’t get your spell checkers out the name of the island is spelled correctly. Ile Fourchu. A rocky place where sheep ended up eating all the vegetation until they were removed.

By the way, I believe that Captain Jack is following us. Here he is again with a square rigger. They are just about to put up all the sails… Nice.


While Caroline took a break and beachcombed, the boys and I went climbing. Boy did they have a good time. We climbed to some of the higher places on this small island. Here’s a shot looking down from one of them.


Here’s one of climbers now. And, before you get your Child and Family Services dialing finger going, Noah is fully lathered with sunscreen.


The cruising guide suggest that you wear cactus ready shoes. Here is one reason why.


The ocean meets the land… together they tussle into a white foamy mess.

[Egad, where did that come from?]


A view back to St. Barts and a yacht sailing just north of the island.


A view from on high down to the bay and our boat and another Canadian boat. We are the boat in behind and that is our dinghy/tender anchored near the shore in the bottom left.


And, Legend. I’ve said it before. She is a good ship.