The Heineken Regatta…

After we left St. Barts, we had to round St. Martin to be able to get to the other side where Anguilla is. It was a great day for a sail. We had great winds and wonderful seas. But, we were not the only ones having a great day. As we sailed along the underside of St. Martin, we noticed some racing buoys and a number of sailboats out. Not a lot but a number. As we went by them, we got the distinct impression that a sailing race was on today. Then we realized that it was the annual Heineken regatta. It was still early and not many boats were out but we did see a couple really cool boats including a retired Volvo Around the World Ocean Racing boat. It’s pictured below. Unfortunately, it wasn’t sailing at the time that we say it.


We also sailed by the start line of the regatta. With friendly waves from the other boats. We continued to sail along the underside of the island until we round the corner and started to head north. At that point, we took a good look back and noticed that there were now tons of boats out with their sails up. The race had started or was about to start soon. All of a sudden we felt like perhaps we should be making haste to get out of there. Especially when we say a buoy ahead of us that we a marker for them to go around as they raced around the island. So, we tightened the sails and off we went asking Legend to pick up the pace a bit.


And she did. As we headed on to a beam reach (sailing with the wind coming from the side of the boat as opposed to the back or front), we picked up some speed and ended up sailing the boat at here fastest speed to date with only her sails…. a big 10.8 knots (or almost 20 km/h). It was truly a glorious sail. The kids were having fun. We were all enjoying the sun, the wind, the relatively calm seas and a beautiful sail.


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