Hiking Around The Bitter End

Here is some of what we saw when we trekked around The Bitter End. Amazing Views as we got on top of the hills.



Saba Rock Resort


Saba Rock Resort



Saba Rock Resort


Biras Creek Resort


Ethan’s Birthday Present… Finally…. Sailing at the Bitter End

As mentioned before, we were finally able to give Ethan his gift. He really enjoyed it and enjoyed hearing that he was a natural from the instructor too.






Exploring the Bitter End

With this visit to the Bitter End we were able to go and explore the trails more. In fact, we were able to walk over to another resort called Biras Creek. We came across a pair of signs that suggests that there may be more intelligent life out there than we think.

We saw this scene of an iguana walking along the road at a Caution Iguana Crossing sign And, he was keeping left as he was asked by the Keep Left sign. The animals down here are nothing if not obedient. 🙂


Catching Up – Getting Ready to Go Down Island

Well, we’ve been in clean up, fix up, and get ready mode to go down island. We’ve had the generator looked at again because it ran into a problem when the intake was filled with sea grass. We’ve had our aft air conditioning fixed. Although we don’t usually use air conditioning, we wanted to have it fixed just in case and for the next charter season. We also ended up needed repair to our salon air conditioning and then our forward air conditioning. It was quite a domino situation.

During the time spent at Nanny Cay, we did a lot of odd jobs and got caught up on school. Yes, school. Because of the number of guests that we had down the kids were not quite able to get everything done. So, they’ve been catching up on that. We also, as you know, spent time celebrating Ethan’s birthday.

So, the adventure continues in one form or another wherever we are. The end result is that we were able to head to the Bitter End to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with some sailing lessons albeit a little late.

Next post, more on the Bitter End.

The Mind of Kids – Birthday Cake

Finally, a picture of Ethan’s birthday cake. Now, to be clear, Caroline baked the cake but she did NOT decorate it. The kids did. Quite creative when you know what they were doing. The white (whipped cream from a can, yikes) are waves. The blue and green items are shark gummies and, of course, there is a pirate on a raft in the centre who is protecting himself from the sharks. He also needs to protect himself from the impending fire from the candle under his arm which melted part of his arm (oops, sorry about that).


The cake was delicious. The toppings, perhaps a little much. Alas, the adventure continues.

Return to Nanny Cay

So, we’ve returned to Nanny Cay to drop off our guests and to get some work done on the boat. It is a boat after all.

While we were at Nanny Cay, our home away from home. We heard some great news from Peter, the operations manager for Horizon. A boat that he’s been meticulously restoring is ready to return to the water. Here is a picture of Amanda being launched. It’s always a great day when a “new” boat gets to be on the water.


She’s a pretty boat and Peter has done a great job as he does with our boat.

Happy Birthday Ethan…

It’s birthday time around Legend. This time, it’s our big boy, Ethan, who is celebrating his 11th birthday. So, please help me wish him a Happy Birthday.


Again, details as to what we actually did to follow.

Sharks Teeth

One thing about being around the coast or around the sea is that sooner or later you will find someone who has a shark’s tooth necklace or some other piece of jewelry. A shark’s tooth likely means something in society’s collective psyche, but I think it’s just kind of neat.

Sharks are you may or may not know, grow teeth all the time. The teeth fall out before they are even ground done by the teeth coming in behind or in front of them. They do not grow under the previous tooth as they do in children’s teeth.

So, imagine our surprise when we went to get some baked goods at Pam’s Kitchen in Anegada and we discovered a box of sharks teeth. Caroline asked if they were for sale and the person said, “Yes, I think so. But, come back tomorrow so I can find out how much.” So, she did come back the next day and picked up a bunch of them for the kids, us and the Jacksons.

Just recently, I cleaned all of our sharks teeth. I thought about toothpaste for a moment, but then went to the source of all knowledge… the Internet. The general consensus seemed to be mild detergent, apple cider vinegar and some scrubbing. Then, baby oil for sheen and to help keep it.

Here is an example of what we found after it was cleaned.


Tine, this one’s for you.

Video – White Bay – Turtle and….. Special Shark Scene

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t get a chance to see these scenes in real life. But, at least I was able to see the video.

First, another great turtle video.

And, an amazing scene of a mother and daughter (or so we assume) nurse shark resting at the bottom of the sea bed.

White Bay… A Great Way to End the Trip

We headed to White Bay which ended up being a great way to end the trip.

One, we were the only boat in the bay. Perfect.

Two, it was not rolly. Perfect.

Three, we had time to get the boys on the beach to play. Perfect.

Four, we had time to go snorkelling. Very Perfect.

Here is what we saw.






And, we saw even more… this is just the flora… here comes the fauna… next post.

Trellis Bay

By far, a lot of the best art that you can get in the BVI is at Trellis Bay and specifically at Aragorn’s Studio. And, thus, we’re off to Trellis Bay before our last overnight with the Jacksons.

Oh, and the other reason…… they have the amazing climbing tree, or course.







Gli Gli. The boat that Aragorn built and sailed from Dominica to the BVI just like the Arawak Indians would have done many years ago.


Birthday Season and A View

Okay, this is where it’s going to get a little confusing. It is birthday season in the Frazer Family and I did ask you to wish Noah a Happy Birthday. Well, now you get to see the cake that Caroline scrambled together from stuff that she could find. We weren’t completely provisioned at this point to say the least. But, it was gooooood!


And, this is the kind of view that you’d like to have on your birthday. Or, at least, I would. 🙂

P6300526 - Copy

Bitter Sailing

The other thing that the Bitter End has is sailing. Now, yes, we can sailing Legend all around the North Sound (a large enclosed bay). But, there is also access to Hobie Cats and Lasers.

On one of the two days we spent at the Bitter End with Jacksons, Ethan, Noah, Kieran and the kids from another family went out with one of the kids camp counsellors for a sail on a Hobie Cat. Fun. And, I believe they learned more about sailing too!




Sandy and Bitter – That’s How We Like It

We love the Bitter End. It’s a great place to regroup. There’s something for everyone. And, for the kids…. one of the things they love is the sand.


More is better?


Deb and her godchild.


The Perfect Sail to the Bitter End

It’s time to leave Anegada. Although it’s always tough to leave, it’s a little easier when you experience the perfect sail.

We had very flat seas and lovely winds from the side (a broad reach in sailing terms). The sun was out, the sky was beautiful and basically you couldn’t ask for anything else.

Deb, Jacob and Kieran


Kieran, on the lookout.


And, me… but, look! There’s no one helming the boat. Fortunately, Mr. Otto von Helm (our electronic autopilot) was taking some of the duties this day.