Leaving Nanny Cay…. Yes, It Does Happen…

So believe it or not, we do actually end up leaving Nanny Cay. Finally, our generator is fixed. We’ve had time to get some schoolwork done. We’ve even fixed a few other problems as well. And, we’ve had lots of pool time, real indoor showers, and plenty of adventures.

So, we’ve set our sights on leaving as soon as we can so that we can make it down the island chain to meet up with Caroline’s brother and a friend of the family’s Bruce.

The only real weather window we have is zero. Zero wind and zero waves. The zero waves is great but the zero wind… not so much. It would be nice to not have to motor a lot but we’ll have to take what we can get. And, I expect it will bring a different passage for the kids and Caroline and me.

So, we get prepared and get all the last minute preparations ready so that we can leave early in the morning. Our hope is that we’ll be able to leave by 6am so that we can travel during the day, all night and then arrive in Antigua before the sun sets.

Here is what we were met with on the morning of our leaving… pure calm.


We are actually underway here… leaving our home, Nanny Cay, through the channel. Everything is silent and calm, not many are up and the water is completely still.


As we leave the channel, we head into the rising sun with no chance of putting a sail up. Diesel, it’s time to do your duty.


Flora of Nanny Cay

Nanny Cay really is our home away from home. Our second home. Our other home. You get the idea.

While at said home, Caroline decided to take some pictures of some of the great flora that thrives in Nanny Cay. Some of them are manicured, some are wild.

She took these shots on our way to meet with a friend. We’ve met some really great people while on this adventure and we’ll continue to talk about more as time goes on.

For now, here are a few of the pictures she took.




Dr Potter, Episode 1

Many of you know of the Dr. Potter from M.A.S.H. Well, Caroline and I know another Dr. Potter. He’s the physician for whom Caroline worked when we lived down here during 1999 and 2000. During our wait time at Nanny Cay, we were able to meet up with Irad and Marcia, his wife. She is a leader in her own right in the education system in the B.V.I. These are two people that we really adore and love to be able to connect with when we’re down to Tortola.

This time we were able to go with the boys and the Potters to lunch and then back to the Potters’ new home, or at least it’s new to us. Here are some of the pictures from our visit to their place. As you will see, Irad has a wealth of wonderful plants. I think it’s safe to say that Caroline was salivating at what could be grown here.










Disappearing Trick…

Well, we’ve not disappeared. We were presented with windows of opportunity to make it to St. Lucia and we needed to make haste to sail down. So, we’re back online and ready to send up more posts very soon. Lots of adventure to report on… stay tuned.

the Frazer Pirates

Mt Sage National Park – The Adventure Continues Part 1

Another opportunity we had while hanging out at Nanny Cay was to head up to Mt Sage National Park. It’s very close to where we used to live in 1999 and 2000. In fact, Caroline and I used to run and walk respectively through the park for exercise. It at the top of Tortola so it has great views and is nice and cool. A wonderful place filled with tropical and rainforest plants.


There is lots of climbing involved.


Wonderful views of the islands.


All this before you even enter the park.


Very cool place to exercise, reflect, enjoy, hang out, cool down…


Lots of very cool trees, roots, birds, plants, etc.


Again, amazing views…


Going With The Flow…

I’m proud of the fact that when challenged with the fact that we weren’t going to be able to leave our home port for a while, that we made the most with what we had… a lemon to lemonade kind of thing. It meant that although we were inconvenienced, we were also able to experience a lot of new things and were also able to have a little down time. And, likely, we needed it.

Although we continue to eat a fair bit on the boat, we also were able to get to a new restaurant. Here is the view from Captain Mulligan’s. And, they have a climbing structure and trampoline for the kids. Yes, that’s just alright!


Boredom… Creativity… A Fine Line

So, the kids may have been experiencing a bit of boredom or a burst of creativity with being stuck at Nanny Cay. Why do I say that? Well, I was away from the boat for a little bit and then I came back to this!

Amazing what a little bit of tin foil and blue tape and other odds and ends will create……




Real Time Update….

Hi. Well, I thought I would give everyone a real time update. As you know, the blogs are time shifted relative to real time because I can’t get photos and comments up as they happen or I wouldn’t be able to actually experience our adventure. <spoiler alert> Anyway, for the past couple of weeks we’ve been “holed up” at Nanny Cay, our home port. We needed to have a few repairs done and unfortunately, that resulted in us needing a couple of new repairs…. more news on that later.

So, tomorrow morning we will be heading off and going down island. Hopefully, tonight I will be able to set up a number of posts that will let you know what’s been happening with us while we hung out at Nanny Cay. So, if I don’t get the post up and you don’t here from us then it’s because we’re on passage.

And, if you want to follow us real time on the passage don’t forget to click on the Where Is page at the top of this page.

Hope everyone is well in your world. We’re doing very well. Loving the adventure!

So Much Adventure, So Little Blog Time

One of the things that I’ve realized is that the blog just can’t capture all of the adventures that we’re having. I see this in particular with guests coming down. Part of thereason is that I only have so much time but more importantly is the fact that at some point no one would read the blog because it’s too much.

So, if there’s something that you’d like to know about that we’re not covering, please let us know.

Hope spring is treating you well.

School….. Really?

Okay, let’s get back to the subject of school for a moment. Our friends Ross and Theresa, and their two boys, Duncan and Iain, are down. And, there is supposed to be some school happening together. Well, let’s just decompose this picture for a minute….

There are school items on the table… yes. But, that’s about where it stops. Duncan you will notice, actually has a Nintendo DS in his hands. Ethan is showing his knot tying prowess by tying knots around his head. And, Matthew, well he looks like he’s plugging head phones into his ears. Or, at least that’s what I hope is going on here. And, the yellow thing on the table is another DS. Education comes in many different forms I guess.


All kidding aside, the kids are learning tons. They know more marine biology than most 1st year university students. To the point where there are arguments over type of fish, sharks, coral, etc. They are also becoming very aware of geography, and not just that of the Caribbean but also of the whole world.


So, I’ll leave you with this question we struggled over a while back. What are the seven seas? Google it if you like or take a look at Wikipedia.

More From Caroline – Part 4

Paul continues to do many repairs and upgrades to the boat. As soon as he tackles one leaking hatch, another one appears. I am amazed at the systems we have created and how much we benefit from them. It is exciting to feel the accomplishment that comes with learning something new. We have been expanding our sailing experience with stern lines and stern anchors (and the challenges occasionally associated with bringing them back up!) Paul’s next adventure (using me on the winch as the hoist!) will be climbing the mast to try to fix the sticking cars (the attachment points for the sail to the mast) that are making hoisting and lowering the sails difficult. Do I need to mention that we need a nice calm anchorage to do that…if you think you rock back and forth on the deck, imagine what it feels like 80 feet up! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! (Insert Doppler Effect).

More From Caroline Part 3

Interesting story…

Paul will occasionally put on music for our enjoyment; he started one afternoon with Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross. For those of you not familiar with this piece, it starts with an organ prelude. Upon hearing this, Matthew piped up, “Why are we listening to wedding music?” Paul insisted he wait a moment to hear the music change…when the opening line was sung (“Many rivers to cross…”), Ethan added, “Yep, wedding music”! I guess Paul and I have moved on to “Many oceans to cross”.

[Paul’s sidenote — It’s interesting because Caroline has mentioned to me a number of times that she will not cross an ocean with me. In fact, I think she has said it here on this blog even. 🙂 ]

Here is a video of his song

Caroline Met This Famous Figure

While I was on the boat cleaning and getting it ready for our guests, Caroline was ashore with the boys on a beach near the airport. Along came a distinguished swashbuckling sort of gentleman who she thought she recognized. He was alone and smiled at our boys being the boys that they are…. ie. active. He stopped and had a short conversation with Caroline and then carried on.

This is the fellow that Caroline met…


That’s right Sir Richard Branson.

My New Avatars

My good friend Jim was playing around creating an avatar to use with his social media. Well, he was kind enough to spend some time and create 2 for me.

Check them out. Let me know which you like. I might actually use one.


Capt Paul Avatar 2

They were both created for the BlackBerry and are : Avatar Builder: Guys edition (Girls edition available) and Jingu Avatars

As an aside, how many of you actually caught some of the most important news of the last decade. They found the cause of male pattern baldness. Apparently it’s a protein that is more present in some of us! And, as my friend Peter mentioned to me, it’s not that we’re bald it’s just that the hair follicles get so small that you can’t see them. 🙂 So, it looks like there might be a cream to cure male pattern baldness one day. Think I’m going to just stay the same.


Just thought that since you are all seeing a fair number of photos from our adventure that you might be curious as to how many photos we’ve taken so far.

Over 4000.

I can hear some of you saying, you should have had a raffle, I could have guessed that! Maybe next time.

Okay, I have to go now to download some more pictures.

More adventures, Caroline style.

I read some interesting discussions on the blog about the mutiny we had aboard, with particular reference to the boys tying me up. Yes, it’s true…they (the three boys) jumped me coming out of the head (aka bathroom) and promptly tied me up. I am apparently doing a poor job of teaching them their knots, as I was able to extricate myself with ease. The funny part, however, was the discussion around gagging me…Noah asked his brother, Matthew, to run and get the blue masking tape to use for my mouth…when Matthew returned with a two inch piece, Noah exclaimed, “Oh, that won’t be big enough”!!!

Another Picture of Caroline

To those of you who think I can get something with more than her feet…. you are sorrily mistaken.


So, my apologies to all. I will keep trying. At least you can see the bow of Legend and some of her hatches, which are watertight now. That makes me very happy.

Post St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Even in the Caribbean, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Okay, we didn’t really do that much but we did look at some other boaters walking around with neon green ties on with their t-shirts.

In our household, we actually celebrate the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Why you ask? Well, it’s our (kids’) caregiver’s birthday. Happy Birthday Christine!!

Apart from celebrating her birthday, we also celebrate all of her talents, whether they be child related or not. And, today we have to celebrate even from a far because when my brother came down, he brought a few care packages from “Tine”. We received some home baked food, no surprise there… just don’t tell customs. But, we also received a most creative and special gift. An official Legend Pirate flag. So, we hoisted the flag in a short ceremony with some Pomp and lots of Circumstance.

Here is a shot of the new flag just after she was unveiled to all of The Bight.


Thanks Tine. A most thoughtful and awesome gift. Again, ships of the Virgins, Leewards and Windwards beware… the Legend is here.