Watch Out Big Brother…. Here I Come

I love this picture which shows Noah on the boogie board, looking down at his brother with a smile. He is seemily saying, Heh, heh, heh, here I come, you better watch out. Both Ethan and Eric on the bottom left are oblivious to the impending collision, but not the impending wave.


And, all ends in a big watery, sandy body mashup.


Did I mention the sand? Inevitably, after every visit to Sandy Spit, we are spending a great deal of time getting sand out of…. well, everywhere. I think that for young boys and girls (and for some older of us as well) that this is a day at the spa. You know, a relaxing water massage, some sand skin polishing including a mani, pedi and full body-cure.

More of the Frazer Visit

Again, we’re at Sandy Spit and it’s again better to be here than on Tortola. Good clean livin’ that must be it.


Uncle Garth and Eric enjoying a moment.


Matthew loves his cousin, Naomi… boy does he ever!


Catherine, I think, got a picture of Legend. Sometimes, we forget to take pictures of her… in all her glory, which is too bad as she is fine ship and she is helping to make all this possible.


The Legend Film Festival

When we went to Switzerland a few years ago to visit with very close friends, we would sometimes spend the evenings entertaining ourselves by putting on the Curzutt Film Festival. We’d find a DVD and let the kids watch it on a laptop. Then, when the kids went to bed, the adults would watch a movie outside while having a glass of wine. A great time.

Well, the Film Festival legacy continues… although the adults didn’t stay up after the kids were down with theirs!

Here, you can see all five pirates watching the laptop that is plugged into the boats stereo system for added sound.


As you can see Matthew tends to be an active movie watcher as he reacts physically to what’s happening on screen.

Beaches, Bald Guys and Beautiful Shells

Our trusty stead, Myth, which is what we call our dinghy/tender, waits for us patiently as we enjoy the sand and surf of Sandy Spit.


For those of you beachcombers out there, more of Caroline’s conquests.



And, to prove that it’s not all work as a Skipper…. er, Deckhand…


Sandy Spit looking out to Green Cay. It was off this shore that many many years ago, Caroline saw her first shark (a 3 or 4 foot nurse shark) in the wild. It would be many years, last year in fact, that I would finally see my first, a 3 foot Lemon or Sand Shark. Both very special and rare treats for snorkelling.


Finally the Boys Get To Show Their Cousins Sandy Spit

Our boys had been waiting a long time to show their cousins Sandy Spit. Why… because they love the surf that’s there when the swell is high. So, we had a dilema. We wanted the seas to be calm so that everyone enjoyed their vacation as we have a couple of guests who are sensitive to motion sickness. But, the boys wanted big swell for big waves. I think we ended up with a pretty great compromise…. flat seas with just enough waves to give them some fun at Sandy Spit.

Here are our boys waiting for the “next big one”. Guess what they’ll be doing in a few more years.


Here’s a great shot of Ethan and Noami riding the waves (with Matthew apparently running for dear life).


And, again, does this not look like a promo shot for the next teenage beach movie.


More Ladies of Legend

When Shelley and Marie came down we had 2 lovely ladies join us on Legend.

Again, we’re lucky to have 2 more lovely ladies join us…

Auntie Catherine who actually found a little time to read….


and, cousin Naomi, who had to share some clothes with her Mom. Why you ask?


Because the inevitable happened. The airline lost their luggage. Or at least 2 out of 3 bags. All of the stuff that they were bringing us came in the bag that made it… isn’t that the way. So, we had to adjust and plan a small trip to Road Town to meet the happy Customs officers who was have the bags for us 2 mornings after they arrived. All’s well that….. gets track by modern technology.

Tarzan, Legend Style

Our boys got a special treat when we arrived at Cane Garden (now one of my brother’s favourite mooring spots). The Deckhand got to work and rigged a Tarzan swing. And, I must say that the swing gets better designed each time it gets set up.

Are boys certainly seemed to have fun and got the hang of it….



…. even Uncle Garth got into it… and, Legend managed without a groan 🙂 ….


….but the hands down swinging maniac award goes to cousin Eric!…


…. who really knows his Tarzan moves…


Bow Ornaments

Once the newest Frazer Pirates got settled in with us, one of the first things that our kids requested was….. Can we go up to the front? And, so they went, sometimes only a single sole. Sometimes a gaggle of 5 (or 6 if a Muggle went too).

It is a pretty great place to go… whether it’s calm like in this shot, or more like a carnival ride. And, there’s nothing like it when a school of dolphins plays off the bow. But, alas, the kids have not been up there for dophins yet. We did see one dolphin when we were in Anguilla, but that was more from a far and Matthew did not get a chance to see it. So, we’re still waiting for the big moment.

I do believe that Eric and Naomi enjoyed their Legendary Bow Rides…. escpecially when they came back and said…. That was AWESOME.


Marina Cay – A Refuge

A funny thing happened on the way to Cooper Island Beach Club…. the swell came in. By the time we got there, the swell was quite high and even with all the boats bouncing all over the place, there still weren’t any moorings. So, we went over to Marina Cay, where again there weren’t any moorings (busy week) but the anchorage was going to be relatively flat. This was just what we needed for everyone, not just the folks who get motion sick more easily.

Here’s a shot of the edge of Marina Cay’s Pussers Restaurant. Just beyond the restaurant is a beach that goes out to a reef. It’s a great spot to see fish, stingrays and sometimes turtles.


As you can plainly see this is a shot of Legend….somewhere behind the tree.


More Baths

I love this shot. It sums up the Baths in a picture… rocks, sea, sky, sand, paths,…. a rocky playground.

P3130705 - Copy

[Sigh] It looks like he’s just a little too interested in eating from the fruit of the poisonous Manchineel Tree. The fruit is poisonous so you don’t want to eat it or even sit under the tree in the rain.


Wonderful stone structures…. Garth and family were impressed as are everyone who ends up there.


Apparently, my kids were so impressed they just had to jump.


The Baths Parking Lot

So, I know that the weather back home is pretty incredible. Having said that, there are still a lot of people coming down to the islands to get away for March break. Garth and family are a part of that group but certainly not the only ones. In fact, it is getting busy on the water as well.

When we went to The Baths with our guests, we got there pretty early… about 9 am… and we couldn’t find a mooring. We had a couple of options but the one that we chose was to get everyone in the dinghy while Paul did a holding pattern out at sea. It worked out quite well as Paul got some work done on the boat while not driving into anyone, and everyone else got to see one of the coolest spots around.

Here is a bit of their tour:



P3130645 - Copy





More to come soon…


Nothing says trust like letting your brother drive your boat. What was I thinking? Perhaps too much sun.


To keep things fair, if Dad can drive, and Eric has already driven, Naomi should be able to take the helm. Here she is with no assistance from Uncle Paul. Looks like we have 4 more sailors in the family.


Spooky Feeling

Do you ever feel like you’re being followed? Well, said enough of this Captain Jack, if you’re going to follow us, we’re going to go on the aggressive and lay a course straight for you. So, the 9 Frazers got ready with many on the bow ready to board.


Well, the result was they ran away with their tail between their legs.


That’ll teach them…. although, I expect we may see them again in our adventure.

To Read or Not To Read…. Sorry, what was the question?

As determined by scientific analysis, it’s been determined that Frazers like to read.

A couple of things to note:

My kids do read more than graphic novels. And…

Ethan did put on his own sunscreen. Oh well. Lesson learned.


Another Picture of Caroline

To those of you who think I can get something with more than her feet…. you are sorrily mistaken.


So, my apologies to all. I will keep trying. At least you can see the bow of Legend and some of her hatches, which are watertight now. That makes me very happy.

Post St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Even in the Caribbean, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Okay, we didn’t really do that much but we did look at some other boaters walking around with neon green ties on with their t-shirts.

In our household, we actually celebrate the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Why you ask? Well, it’s our (kids’) caregiver’s birthday. Happy Birthday Christine!!

Apart from celebrating her birthday, we also celebrate all of her talents, whether they be child related or not. And, today we have to celebrate even from a far because when my brother came down, he brought a few care packages from “Tine”. We received some home baked food, no surprise there… just don’t tell customs. But, we also received a most creative and special gift. An official Legend Pirate flag. So, we hoisted the flag in a short ceremony with some Pomp and lots of Circumstance.

Here is a shot of the new flag just after she was unveiled to all of The Bight.


Thanks Tine. A most thoughtful and awesome gift. Again, ships of the Virgins, Leewards and Windwards beware… the Legend is here.

The Frazer Pirates Get Reinforcements

The boat has been cleaned. Provisions have been acquired (included gluten-free food, let’s hear it for Nature’s Way in Road Town). Now, it’s time for Paul to head over to the USVI to pick his brother and family. Our hope is that with 4 more pairs of hands, the pillaging and mayhem will be even more fruitful.

Having picked them up, we stayed at Nanny Cay, our home port, for a night quiet, flat night. A wonderful way to start off an adventure. Then we were off to sail the seas…. or at least to get over to White Bay Beach on Peter Island and then to the Bight for the evening.

Here’s a shot of the new crew getting settled in. In fact, Garth and Catherine’s son Eric is so comfortable, he’s taken the helm. Beware ships of Sir Francis Drake Channel…. here we come.


Now in this shot, we see that Naomi, their daughter, has noticed that said son is driving… or, at least that’s how I’m going to tell the story. So distraught is she that she has to cover her eyes. It was something like that, or maybe I’m wrong.


The Deck Hand Orders the Deck to Be Swabbed

In preparation for our next guests, Garth and family, and more importantly, just because it needed to be done, we clean. Although I’m just a deck hand at present, I still ordered the Captain, Commodore and Admiral to help swab the deck, literally. And, truth be told, they really dove into the project. And, I believe they had some fun.

Ethan was responsible for all the brightwork. Once I explained what brightwork was to him he was off and running. (All the chrome and shiny stuff.)


Noah was responsible for the stubborn stains. When we brought the dinghy up on to the deck it left some of its bottom paint behind and it is tenacious blue. Again, even with a cut on his hand he worked like a madman. You will notice the nitrile glove on his hand so the boat soap didn’t irritate his cut.


And, Matthew was responsible for scrubbing the deck with the scrub broom. He finished that so quickly I had to get him to help Noah. And, again, his attention held strong.


Let’s hear it for the authority of the deck hand… until it ends.


Visitors and a Day Trip to Charlotte Amalie

Having made it back to the BVI in time to prepare for my brother and family coming down, we were also able to take a ferry over to the USVI to meet up with Jo-Anne and Doug Coutts. It was great to have a day “off” where we could wander around Charlotte Amalie, and wonderful to be able to meet up with the Coutts.

That said, the boys still apparently wanted to shoot each other into orbit. Arrrr.


This is the best I can do for a picture of Caroline, at present. I can manage storms, high seas, boat bites, and all sorts of other things but a picture is much more difficult.


Thanks for a great day Jo-Anne and Doug!