Exploring at Sea

We’ve also had some pretty great adventures with the Machans under the water. The picture below is of an angelfish that they saw… bottom centre of the picture. Very special.


And, then a lovely starfish… alive and well on the grassy sea bed.


And, finally, the less popular and somewhat disturbing…. spoon fish.


They’ve also seen some other great finds like an eel, rays, turtles… but as of yet, no dolphins. That’s a special rarity.

Exploring on Land

As I mentioned, we’ve been able to get to many of the usual haunts with the Machans, but we’ve also been able to get on land a bit and explore around. One day, we were able to get up on to Peter Island a little. Here are a couple of pictures from that excursion.


If you look closely you can see me waving from down by our dinghy.




Nature’s Patterns

Again, a shot that I love. It’s a close up of some brain coral. I don’t know if this was taken in our out of the water but it shows the wonderful detail of this specific type of coral.


Again, wonderful patterns in nature… a cactus. Unfortunately, Sam (one of the kids’ friends) got some thorns stuck in the bottom of his foot. Pretty to look at but painful to experience. It’s handy having a ship’s doctor on board!



One of the things that we’ve enjoyed with the Machans is beachcombing. Many amazing treasures have been found which we’ll show you over the next few days. But, here is one that Noah found. If you look carefully, you can make out a skull and cross bones.


And, here is Harrison, one of the boys’ friends who found an amazingly thin and beautiful starfish [look in the palm of his hand]. And, yes, it was dead on the beach.


New Guests – New Adventures

We have new guests down now – The Machans. And, we’ve been having a great time creating new adventures in places we like to show people.

For their first night we stayed at Nanny Cay our home port. This is where we dropped off the Macfarlanes and it was a convenient spot to start our new adventures.

The next day was crazy windy with significant waves, so we wanted to keep things a little flatter and decided to head over to stay at the Bight which is where the Willy T is. The Willy T as you may know by now is a floating restaurant in what could pass as a pirate ship. Lots of fun.

Then we headed to The Caves a set of caves where real pirates hid real treasure. It’s all been collected already so we chose to just capture a memory and took a picture of everyone.


Here’s another shot of what it feels like in a different cave. Truly magical. A real Pirates of the Caribbean waterpark ride. πŸ™‚


Ross Pics – Part 2

The Boys


A Palometa fish


Theresa Cousteau.


Yes, there were fish…. sometimes lots.


Normally, you don’t like to see your boat in 0.1 feet of water, but when you’re at Anegada, it’s okay. That’s the price that you pay for a gorgeous experience. And, the bottom is muddy and soft.


Ross Pics – Part 3

Wow, Iain Kilroy was here.


The Boys again.


A Trunk fish.


Nice shot Ross. An underwater of a very very small shell held by Duncan.


We don’t like to see people go home. But, it they’re going to go, it’s nice to see the big smiles.


Ross Pics – Part 1

Here’s a few of the over 700 pics that the Macfarlances took.

When I actually remember, I like to meet people with a “transportation card”.


Think this is Duncan going submarine.


Actually got another shot of Caroline. tee hee.


The Macfarlanes were down for the full moon and thus we were able to go to the Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay… which involves fire. There are burning globes and a burning man.


And, stilt walkers….


The Newest Sport…Standup Paddle Boards

The Caribbean is always changing as with anywhere. And, one of the things that has become really popular here in the past 6-12 months is stand-up paddle boards. We’ve seen young people on them, older people on them, people who were getting lessons as they were trailed by a dinghy, people who looked terrified, kids who looked like they were born on a paddleboard, and these people who were taking adventage of the very calm waters.


Sneaking Up on Wildlife…

So, sometimes the goal is to get as close as you can get without being intrusive….

You can almost hear the BBC commentator…. “And, here we are coming upon the pelican, let’s see if we can get a little closer. Did you know that the pelican becomes blind in one eye as it dives constantly for it’s food. Each dive with an open eye so that the pelican can see it’s dinner, helps to form cataracts on the eye that goes in first. So, over time the pelican becomes blind. Let’s see if our camerawoman can get a little closer.”


Or, perhaps it’s more a Steve Irwin…. “Crikee, we’ve come across a whole school of fish… and they’re yellow… yes, and if you look really close, you can tell that they’ve just had a small midday dinner. Let’s see if we can find out what they ate.”


Flat Water…

The flatest water that I think I’ve ever seen was in the middle of the Atlantic. It was flat as any lake when many hundreds of square miles have no wind action on them. Well, we had something similar recently. The water was terribly still… a good example being in this picture… it was pretty and surreal at the same time.


Sea and Sky

I like this picture of our friend Ross rocking the pink flippers with the perfect tropical puffy clouds behind.


Have I mentioned that we’re really liking the newest waterproof camera that we got. It’s the update to the old Olympus that we had. Shockproof, Dropproof, Waterproof, Dustproof, Kidproof, Paulproof, you get the idea. Go anywhere, photo anywhere…. which fits for us.

A New Measurement…. The Dinghy

We often have funny experiences down here… basically just like at home…. or should I say, our other home. Anyway, one experience that was quite funny and somewhat surreal happened a number of nights ago while Ross and Theresa were down.

To set the scene, it was later at night and I was working in the cockpit on my computer. And, it’s important that you understand that a Cat or Catamaran is a 2 hulled boat with a section above the water that connects the two hulls.

Caroline was up in the V-Berth at the front of the boat and the rest of folks were in their beds. It was still and quiet until the “incident”. I think most everyone who was still awake could here a ruckus. There was a fellow who was screaming at the top of his lungs, “Get out from under my Cat” (or something to that affect… it may have been saltier). Caroline popped her head out from the V-Berth hatch and I looked over from my vantage point, and we saw a man shouting at a dinghy full of people who were trying to motor under his catamaran. For some strange reason, he didn’t like strangers trying to motor under his watercraft. Let’s just say that we all had fun recounting the story the next day.

Theresa was telling me yesterday that she’s creating a new unit of measurement, so I’m excited to announce the newest international unit of measurement…. the Dinghy. It helps to measure the size of a catamaran by the number of dinghys that you can fit underneath it. One dinghy, two dinghy, three dinghy four, five dinghy, six dinghy, seven dinghy more. πŸ™‚

Fortunately that craft full of people just ended up continuing on their way and didn’t try to actually fit under our monohull. It wouldn’t have ended well.

Good Fortune – Dolphins, Turtles, Barracuda, Tarpon, Sharks and More

Ross and Theresa brought a great deal of good fortune down with them when they came. In fact, everyone on the boat got the experience of seeing a dolphin playing off the side of the boat, thanks to the eagle eyes of Ross.Β  That’s kind of the holy grail of being down here, seeing a dolphin.Β  So, we were pretty excited.Β  Especially since our guests and Matthew have now all seen one.Β  Β And, turtles…. Theresa willed it and they came… lots and lots of turtles. The kids also saw a barracuda (3 foot) or two while in the water as in the last picture below or the huge tarpon fish (5 foot) as in the second picture below. And, I believe that I mentioned that I was able to see a 5 foot Nurse Shark at Anagada. Not bad!





Ross Sketched…

Okay, I’m pretty sure that this was not a picture taken by Caroline but I’m not certain. I believe that one of the boys decided to play with some of the settings on the camera and choice the sketch option. Technology…. wow. For those who are wondering, he is looking down at the camera through the companionway in the boat. The boom is vertically above his head and the bimini or cockpit cover is horizontal behind his head. A neat shot.


Have you tried all the settings on your camera?

Much Going On….

With Ross and Theresa down, there was much going on a lot of the time. That might have been at The Baths as in the picture below or just generally.

I like the picture below for some reason… maybe the sea, land, sky thing happening.


Apart from there being lots of people in some of the places that we went, there were also lots of things that we were able to do. In the picture below, there’s a good example of that. We’re enjoying yet another sunset, while Ross and one of his boys goes for a kayak, while I work on fixing the dinghy motor. πŸ™‚ Much going on… It’s busy but having a lot going on can be a good thing.


The Baths…A Different Perspective…

Okay, you’ve seen The Baths now a couple of times, here’s a perspective that you’ve not seen before. I believe that Caroline is following my belief that if you’re going to have a horizon out of place you may as well make it really good. πŸ™‚

Here’s Noah snorkelling… a little surreal but real nonetheless.


One Thing We Know for Certain…

… is that the sun sets every night. That’s a given. And, much of the time, as you’ve discovered by now, the setting of the sun is spectacular. What’s interesting is that if you live in the northern latitudes, your sun is now setting later in the day. Down here, however, the variation of the sun setting is not all that much. For example, the sun sets at 6:35pm here right now. I’ll let you figure out the science of that on your own. Enjoy.


North Sound Flora – Part 2

As mentioned, the flora at North Sound in Virgin Gorda was pretty incredible. A beautiful spot and the Bitter End Yacht Club is a spot that we like in particular. With the Macfarlane boys, we even got them involved in the Kids Camp there and that was a hit. But, for now, just enjoy these shots.