Journey to White Bay

It looks like we’re going to get a lot of great sailing in with the Jacksons which is just great. We do love the sailing in the BVI.

Our next sail will take us to White Bay on Jost Van Dyke. On the way, we get pass by one of our favourite houses again. This time, here’s a shot from a different angle. Definitely a house with some built in exercise.


Key Bay Art

You saw this piece of art a few days ago. Quite something.


It inspired the Jacksons to create their own art installation…. Rocks in Holes.


And, then of course, what nature provides all on its own.


Key Bay Finds

The kids found some pretty cool stuff at Key Bay.

A very different sea star.


The most unique sea urchin shell I’ve seen. Full disclosure. Daddy accidentally sat on this in the boat when it fell off where it was placed. Fortunately, we have the picture and understanding kids.