More From Caroline – Part 2

I have been asked to talk more about my culinary adventures on board. I have hesitated as what seems adventuresome for a neophyte cook (I don’t dare use the term, chef) would be rather boring by most people’s standards. Nonetheless, we have enjoyed the following: home made pizzas, nachos extreme (no really, they are extreme), varieties of scones (imagine my surprise when I recently read in a cookbook that when substituting whole wheat flour in recipes to cut the amount in half…no wonder my baking always tasted SO dry and bready! Sorry Shelley and Marie!), banana chocolate chip muffins, apple oatmeal raisin muffins, chocolate zucchini muffins (that taste like cup cakes), Hawaiian coleslaw, tomatoe feta salad, killer spaghetti sauce (with many a hidden vegetable) and my most recent accomplishment, pork medallions with yams and apples. The latter marks my first pork dish (I know, pathetic….) and while I was quite happy with it, my youngest scoffed at it (even though he loves apples, sweet potatoe and pork….go figure). At present, there are dishes drying everywhere (after three dozen muffins, one tray of brownies and my pork adventure). Long live dishwashers and big counters. If you have any favorite recipes, send them my way…I’m in the mood to cook. (Who are you, and what have you done with Caroline?)

Underwater Adventures 4

What’s really incredible about the underwater flora and fauna is that the boys know all the names of the coral and fishes. Amazing. I no longer remember many of them because I have walking, talking aquatic encyclopedias.







More From Caroline – Part 1

As I write this, we are anchored in a very lovely bay (Lee Bay) off Great Camanoe Island, little visited by the usual charter crew. It is glorious. Well, except for the weather…we have had three days of pretty solid rain (yes, you are sympathetic, I know). I took advantage of the 10 minutes of sunshine this morning to head on deck and enjoy my coffee. The boat gets smaller the longer you stay down below! Interesting thing about Great Camanoe Island…we have been told that the island is divided up into privately owned sections, owned by a number of “retired CEOs” who are used to running things. Apparently, their island meetings are quite the adventure…everyone trying to take control and no one getting along. What a laugh for us then to discover this tiny fence down by the water’s edge to demarcate the border between properties (I have enclosed a picture for your amusement). I’m not sure if owner 1 was expecting his neighbour to sneak onto his property by climbing along the rocks right at shore…personally, I would try something a little more direct. Good fences, it seems, do make good neighbours.


[The fence is on the bottom left.]

Caroline Met This Famous Figure

While I was on the boat cleaning and getting it ready for our guests, Caroline was ashore with the boys on a beach near the airport. Along came a distinguished swashbuckling sort of gentleman who she thought she recognized. He was alone and smiled at our boys being the boys that they are…. ie. active. He stopped and had a short conversation with Caroline and then carried on.

This is the fellow that Caroline met…


That’s right Sir Richard Branson.

The Hammock Re-appears

It’s been a while but it’s high time the hammock reappears. Brian looks content enough.


And, of course, it’s the return of the sunset shot.


Underwater Experiences #1

One thing that we’ve not reall chronicled all that well are the underwater experiences that well. That’s for a number of reasons. We don’t always get a chance to go snorkelling and when we do it’s not always great, and we don’t always have the abillity to take pictures that work. So, Caroline was able to get snorkelling at “The Indians” in the BVI with Brian and she got a ton of great shots.

I’m going to chronicle these shots over a number of posts since there are so many different wonderful examples of what we see under the water.

Here are the first batch:






Big News

So, it’s official. Things are going so well that Caroline and I have decided to retire early and to stay down here indefinitely. We’re pretty excited.

Hope you’re having a great day. 🙂