Red Roofs, Red Rooves

Thought I would put both up so no one gets after me for how I say/pronounce the plural of roof (or ruf as my grandmother of scottish roots would say).

Red is generally the official colour of a roof in the Caribbean. As I mentioned when we were in Saba (say-ba), that country does have an unofficial rule on the colour and type of roof but most everywhere else it appears naturally.

Here is the fuel station at Marina Cay along with the famous telephone booth. If you stand in front of it your picture will be taken and then it will appear on the internet… where you can pay for copies of the photo. 🙂

IMG 8067

Okay, not every roof is red.. some are thatched.

IMG 8135

These are at the Bitter End Yacht club.

IMG 8137

And, again at the Bitter End yacht club. Even the flowers are getting into the act.

IMG 8140

Again, thanks for the shots Hilary.

Trellis Bay

Okay, hammock are meant for quiet relaxation time…. right? Hilary caught in mid-action what I guess can only be called the sport of hammock…. sigh. This is our life. 🙂

IMG 7997

The parents on the other hand…. happy to have a moment sitting alone.

IMG 8017

And, now, the real purpose of the hammock in all its splendour…. ya mon.

IMG 8020


IMG 8065

Gilligan and Conch Shells

A couple more shots from Hilary. This one reminds me of a boat that went on a “three hour tour”. A favourite of the kids is Gilligan’s island and if you remember the beginning of the show they show how the “Minnow” ended up beached. Doesn’t this look like it?

IMG 7960

And a couple of really large beautiful conch shells.

IMG 7972

Play Spaces…

More pictures from Hilary.

The kids have places everywhere that we go that they like to play. At Marina Cay this is their spot… on the beach, next to the beach bar. Notice how quiet and sedate they are…

IMG 7902

or not!…. This is the more likely state of action….

IMG 7906