More Goodbyes

As we’ve done many times, it’s time to say goodbye to our guests. Andrew and Bruce will be heading off and we’ll also be saying goodbye to the area of Soufriere. We’ll head back up to Marigot to prepare for our next day passage as we head down to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

All the Boys…


The area of Soufriere. If you look very very close, you can see Legend. She’s the boat farthest to the left on the top part of the bay. No really, she really is there. One of 4 white boats just under the green of the land.


Soufriere – Warm Water in the Ground

The volcano creates stinky air around the vents, but it also creates some lovely warm water that are reported to have therapeutic value. I think that just the lush views have therapeutic value.





Soufriere – Sulphur in the Air

Soufriere, the town, is right next to or actually a part of an active caldera of a volcano. It has not erupted for a couple of hundred years but it continues to hiss with a smelly sulphurous steam. We went to visit the steam vents and then to a thermal bath.

Here’s a panaroma view of the active calera area.


The moonscape of the bubbling continues to change as tropical storms change the landscape.


The small pools of water on the landscape bubble as the sulphurous air escapes. What’s left is a really stinky smell and kids saying “I’m going to die”.


The Bat Cave

Dunna dunna dunna dunna Dunna dunna dunna dunna … Batcave. (I hope that you had the Batman theme in your head as you read that.)

Well, right next to where we were anchored in Soufriere was something called the Batcave. We’d been to one in the BVI and this one was no disappoint. It was a thin vertical crevice.


Here you can actually see the bats clinging to the walls.


A Camera with a View – The Pitons

Digital cameras now come with a ton of features. Many which I’m sure none of us ever use. One feature on both Andrew and Bruce’s cameras that they got us using more was the panorama feature. One can get some wonderful pictures with this setting. Here are a couple of the Pitons.




And a normal one for good measure.


Yellow Trees and More

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a yellow tree before. I’ve heard about needing to tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree. Anyway, it’s a beautiful tree.


And, more flora…




Views From The Bay of Soufriere

Legend was anchored right next to this interesting keyhole formation.


Heres a shot from the water of Legend with the Pitons in the background.


The Pitons

One of the main images that people associate with St. Lucia are the Pitons, the two sharp hills that define the landscape of the country.

As we sailed along the island, here is what we saw first and then some other images of the Pitons taken over the next little while.






Flora From Marigot Bay

More flora from our adventure. Why? We are surrounded by such interesting, and different fruits, flowers, trees and bushes





Boat Boys of Marigot Bay

When you enter Marigot Bay, one of the first things that happens is a number of guys in boats come out to you offering you everything from help to connect to your mooring, to selling trinkets, fruit, etc. And, each of them has a different way of marketing and selling their wares. Some come on windsurfers, some on dinghys, some come as a neutral country….


Everybody’s brand is different and this fellow certainly had a different brand. He didn’t have anything that we needed but we did like his flag especially with a number of Swiss citizens on board (with Caroline, Andrew and the boys).

Sunset at Marigot…

This is looking out over a beach peninsula toward the open ocean. Marigot always seems to be a nice place whether it’s in St Martin or in St Lucia. Definitely one to put on the return list.


Next Stop – Marigot Bay

With the ziplining done, we’re now ready to get on with the rest of the adventure with Bruce and Andrew.

But, first, a little ice cream. Thanks Bruce. Can you see the intensity. The peace… the quiet… 🙂 Ahhh, perhaps that’s not a bad idea for our Mother’s Day celebrations to happen later.


With filling our stomachs looked after the next job the next morning is to get some fuel. Well, look who we see here. It’s Captain Jack again… folllow us. I wondered where he went.


He’s under a new name but I’m sure he’s around somewhere.


Video of Rainforest Ziplining

Matthew in action.

Noah right behind.

Andrew’s turn.

Paul’s next.

Caroline’s turn…. but this time you’ll get the first person perspective.


The Crew and The Walk Back

Here we are… full still on excitement.


As an aside, we would highly recommend this to anyone. It is very safe as you have 2 harnesses on, and you are connected in 3 ways to 2 separate cables. So, safe and fun for the whole family. And, we did this on Mother’s Day…. yes, Mom will need to get a day of peace and quiet later. We’ll celebrate Mother’s Day in a couple of weeks.

And, now, we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled flora programming, as we walk back to the main centre.






More Treetop Adventure






Because Noah and Matthew were so light, they needed to be doubled up on the last and longest line. So, there they go, on the way to the ground.


We were told that we could and should do anything we liked as we needed the momentum to make it to the end. So, I went hands-free.


Bruce, at the bottom.


Rainforest Adventures – More Ziplining

Some more of what we say on the gondola…






Matthew… he’s ready for fun.


Ethan was vibrating with excitement. He’s been waiting to do this a long time.

The blue netting, by the way, is to protect you (or the helmet) from the germs of the helmet (or you). Actually a smart way to sterilize the equipment.


Bruce in action.


Andrew in fine form.


The boys rounding a tree truck. At each platform, we went from one exit to the next entrance. As you can see, they’re always strapped in.


Noah did quite make it all the way on this one so had fun pulling himself a little.


New Island – New Guests – Rainforest Adventure – Ziplines

So, we’ve gotten settled on St. Lucia. We’ve prepped the boat and done a little looking around. Now, it’s time for some more guests. This time it is Caroline’s brother Andrew and a friend of the family, Bruce. We met them, got them settled, and then told them that we’d be getting up early the next morning to go ziplining (is that a word?). So, we got up bright eyed and bushy tailed, just like the monkeys that we were going to be that day.

And, boy did we have a blast!!

Here are some of the sights of that day.

All geared up. They were very professional and it was a very safe experience.

Frazers and Andrew


Frazers and Bruce


It’s a rainforest. You know that there are going to be flora pictures…. seriously.


Our guides… Lea and Nicholas


Matthew on the practise line. For a kid who just barely met the size requirements, he was a little tentative, but he rocked at ziplining.


Here we are heading up the side of the hill/mountain by gondola.


More images and video to come soon…