The Devin Files Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our friends.

Scientists are doing experiments right now in Europe to determine if there are subatomic particles that can travel faster than the speed of light. I have two very larger than atomic particles that can definitely travel faster than the speed of light… okay, sound maybe. Boys on their way to the water’s edge. Who would have thought it was science.


Creepy bug-eyed fish are…. well creepy and bug-eyed.


No colours were adjusted…. in the taking of this photo.


The Devin Files – Part 1

Here are some pictures from our friends:

A little swimming off the back of the boat…. not a bad place to have a meeting.


A good portion of the way into The Caves at Norman Island. Very cool. This is where the pirates of old would store their treasure. None is left but there were BVIslanders who became surprisingly weathly many years ago after visiting them.


It’s been far to long since you’ve seen a sunset shot. What’s interesting about the sunsets is how much you are in touch with (by necessity) nature. We may have great sunsets… but, we also notice them each and every day, or notice if they’re not there.


The Hammock Re-appears

It’s been a while but it’s high time the hammock reappears. Brian looks content enough.


And, of course, it’s the return of the sunset shot.


Underwater Experiences #1

One thing that we’ve not reall chronicled all that well are the underwater experiences that well. That’s for a number of reasons. We don’t always get a chance to go snorkelling and when we do it’s not always great, and we don’t always have the abillity to take pictures that work. So, Caroline was able to get snorkelling at “The Indians” in the BVI with Brian and she got a ton of great shots.

I’m going to chronicle these shots over a number of posts since there are so many different wonderful examples of what we see under the water.

Here are the first batch:






Flat Water…

Every visitor and each week brings something different to the islands. For the first part of Brian, Terryll and Matthew’s visit, there wasn’t much in the way of wind. And, with that, there ended up not being a lot of waves either. They don’t always go hand in hand but this time, they did. So, it was a perfect time for them to head off on a kayak around the bay at Cane Garden. Not only was it flat but they were able to get up close and personal with pelicans.



Noah was very glad to learn that Brian’s son Matthew wanted to bring his fishing rod and so now we’ve had a few stops where the fishing rods have come out. No success yet, but they continue to fish for things like tarpon and barracuda.

There’s growing frustration that not much happens but there is still enough happening that the interest seems to be there.


Lee Bay Version 2.0

Because of our experience at Lee Bay, we decided that we’d head to this quiet little anchorage where no one really goes. When we got there, we found 3 other boats. By the end of the night, there were 7 boats in total. So much for the nice quiet anchorage.

We still were able to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area. For example, the cool bronzed barked trees on the hillsides….


This is a smaller version of the Thunder Cove that produced sounds just a little higher in frequency.


Here’s a closer look at Thunder Cove when we went back with our guests.


The Jurassic Park look of Great Caminoe.


The Legend Film Festival Continues

Yes, the adventure has to spend some time indoors that doesn’t include school work. And, again, we find the continuation of the Legend Film Festival.

There was a problem from time to time… to much light on the iPad. So, the kids came up with a solution on their own. So, under the towel their are 4 boys, Ethan, Noah, Matthew and Matt.