Disney Magic…

So, we need to get caught up on some photos… ready.  Here are a couple.

When we left the harbour at Charlotte Amalie, we passed one of the Disney Cruise Ships.  You may have seen this one before and in fact, some of you may have been on it.

When you look at the second photo notice that Goofy is painting the name… not a normal feature on a cruise ship I don’t think.

Sharing the Sea at Charlotte Amalie

This will give you more perspective as to the various creatures of the sea.  The 3 cruise ships and dozens of smaller! sailboats in the harbour at Charlotte Amalie.  And, yes, Legend is one of the boats in the picture.  It’s the one with the lime green kayak on the starboard bow.  🙂

Cruise Ship versus Dinghy

Here’s a shot of the boys on the dinghy in front of a city at sea.  It’s pretty wild to motor by a cruise ship in our 12 foot tender.  We just smile and way to the people looking out of their cabins.  And, of course, we don’t get to close especially with the signs saying “Security Warning: Do Not Come Closer than 50 ft”.

Leaving the USVI

So, we’ve bought most of what we came to buy in the USVI.  We’ve got most of the things that we need to replenish our supplies or to be able to fix the things that need fixing.  So, today…. hopefully in the next hour or so, we’ll be setting sail to beat to wind to get back to the BVI.  We’re preparing to do our first larger passage with Legend.  The passage is called the Sombrero Passage because of a small island called Sombrero that, yes, looks like a hat.  Sombrero is in the middle of nowhere and would be great to visit one day.

The weather has been pretty great although it’s been a little more rainy than we would expect at this point in the year.  It should however be getting even better toward the end of the week.  Potentially a good weather window for the passage to St Martin / St. Maarten.

More Soon…