English Harbor

While we were at Falmouth Harbour, one of the places that we wanted to go and to get the kids to was the old fort in English Harbour.

We had a great visit with more amazing sights. Here is teh view of the headland between the two bays.


This is the small peninsula on which sits part of the old fort. The part that protected the mouth of the bay. It’s a bit hard to tell but there is no way anyone was going to get into the harbor when protected by cannons right here.


Noah going into stealth mode in the munitions building…. now without gunpowder fortunately.


Matthew waiting for a blast off, showing just what marauders had coming to them if they got too close to English Harbour. Frazer boys ready to attack, or at least ready to tire them out. 🙂


The boys in their official colours… red, blue and green.


Caroline really felt that we should get a picture of the 3 boys with the 3 buoys. Need I say more.