Falmouth Harbor

Does anyone else get concerns when you’re the skipper and your intended destination is a harbour that looks like this!

This is Falmouth Harbor and yes, it was BUSY. But, we found space, a fair bit of space in fact. Again, it was shallow, but we’re okay with that. It did, however, take us 3 times to get the anchor to set. It was just one of those anchorages where the anchor just did not want to set nicely. When it did set though, it was good. We tend to be pretty careful about really setting the anchor, more so than a lot of other boats that I watch. And, we also take our time. Another that I don’t always see happening. In fact, more than once, I’ve seen the helmsman of the boat come barrelling down on a mooring only to see the person at the front who is trying to grab the mooring ball with a boat hook, running along side their boat trying to catch up to the mooring ball.


It’s hard to see, but the boat with the teal cover on it’s sails/boom has a message on the front of the hull… JUST MARRIED. Nice!


And, the following one is in honour of one of Noah’s classmates…. the boat is BARAKA. She looks like a fine ship.


And here are some of the other granddaddies of the harbour. Some huge boats.


I think we’ve got a pretty big and comfortable boat… but alas, maybe not quite as bit as this! This is the back end of one of the motoryachts.


Yes, we’ve actually seen bigger…. much bigger, but up close they are very impressive. How much is diesel now? 🙂