Jolly Harbor

In Antigua, we chose to land at a place called Jolly Harbor.  I mean, seriously, where else would we land.  It must be such a pleasant place.  Well, it certainly was protected and beautiful.  To get into the harbour required taking it slow and following the channel exactly as we only had a couple of feet of water under the keel.  And, we don’t like hitting anything or grounding Legend, so we are very careful with this.

In fact, this is one of the jobs that the boys do.  They watch the depthmeter and give out changes in readings for the helmsman (generally me).  It’s a very important job and I’m not sure they understand how important some times.  For them, it’s just saying numbers and perhaps gets a little boring at times.  It’s not for Daddy, expecially when the depth goes 5.1, 3.5, 2.3, 0.7, 0.5… very quickly.  Having said that, we’re always aware of the places we’re going before hand, either because of the paper charts we have, or the electronic chartplotter, the computer chartplotter, the portable gps or just looking down!

As an aside, some of you might think that I’ve never entered the metric system since a lot of my references are in feet or miles.  The mariner’s world is often set up in imperial measurement (and in the Caribbean is certainly is).  You can find charts that measure depths in metres, feet or fathoms, but often it is feet.  And, in terms of distance, measurements are made in nautical miles which is often just referred to as miles.  So, it can get a bit confusing and you need to know what measurement you’re dealing with as sailing into 5 metres of water is okay but 5 feet…. not so good.

Anyway, Jolly Harbor is beautiful and very sheltered and pretty shallow.  So, the first night there was like being at a dock, very still.  Noah didn’t think he would be able to sleep because there wasn’t any movement at all.  Here’s view that night from the boat.