Legend – The Waterpark

One thing the kids just love to do is to jump off this side of the boat.  Yup, it’s a blast.  Having said that, apparently they are now hanging off the side of the boat too.  Or at least Ethan and Noah are.

A Legendary Inside Look

For all those who were asking about what the inside of Legend looks like, here is a picture with Noah posing with gusto… okay, no buddy asked but here is the picture anyway.

What you see is just a portion of the boat.  There are cabins forward of the main area here and cabins aft of here as well.  And, there is storage and equipment room even further forward and aft of the cabins.


A Seaworthy and Sound Vessel

Here is Legend just before we set sail.  Ethan took a couple of pictures of Legend as we started to shut down the shore systems.

Boat Update…

So, we have officially moved out of the hotel and on to the boat.  Our hundreds of pounds or more likelyhundreds of kilos of supplies are all on board now.  We still have a few more groceries to bring on but we are now living on Legend.

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going to sea.  Our friends at our yacht management company are working hard to get some last minutes adjustments done on the boat.  So, we’re hoping now to push off tomorrow… maybe morning.

All is good.  That just means we have more time to prepare and more time on land at the marina for the kids.  Who as we speak are climbing in trees and chasing chickens.  Yes…. more school work is coming once we get organized on the boat.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…. It’s a Boat?…. It’s Legend…

Does this scare anyone else?  Or just me?  Okay, flying boats aren’t the norm but, in this case, it’s okay.  Legend is out of the water to have a couple of seacocks drilled larger so that the new generator being put in will have enough water for coolant.  [And, yes, that does mean that the previous generator died :-)]

Limin’ on Legend

Ready for Anything

Yes, sometimes it’s just time for a break.  Soon this will be us… less than 25 days.

[Okay, maybe it’s not always like this… but that’s okay.]