Assorted Fun in the Sun…

Here are some more assorted Machan pictures.

Finally found a pic of Georgia at the helm.

IMG 8386

The Machan Crew

IMG 8392

Kids + Surf = Fun

IMG 8438


IMG 8473

Machan Boys… Bring it on…

IMG 8500

Ethan gets a faceful of hanging ten.

IMG 8507

Quito’s in Cane Garden Bay

IMG 8614

And, so it is that after getting to West End / Sopher’s Hole that we said goodbye to the Machans. We had a blast and will miss having them and our other guests.

Now we’re on our own and have a bunch of things to tell you about…. more coming up….

Gilligan and Conch Shells

A couple more shots from Hilary. This one reminds me of a boat that went on a “three hour tour”. A favourite of the kids is Gilligan’s island and if you remember the beginning of the show they show how the “Minnow” ended up beached. Doesn’t this look like it?

IMG 7960

And a couple of really large beautiful conch shells.

IMG 7972

Play Spaces…

More pictures from Hilary.

The kids have places everywhere that we go that they like to play. At Marina Cay this is their spot… on the beach, next to the beach bar. Notice how quiet and sedate they are…

IMG 7902

or not!…. This is the more likely state of action….

IMG 7906

Hilary’s People Pictures

Hilary took a ton of great people pictures. Here are a few of the ones that I like.

Sam and Matthew…. kids in a deep mature conversation?

IMG 7819

Or, kids just getting ready to be kids again? Can you see how much Matthew likes Georgia? Yup, they’re buddies too!

IMG 7862

The Machan Clan and Noah. As an aside, our boys were due for a haircut. So, we actually bought some shears down here and they now have “crew” cuts. Sorry, I had to. But, they are short. Pay attention to the pictures as the hair length changes.

IMG 7881

Legend, Machans, Caroline and Adventure

Here are some more pics taken by Hilary…okay, they’re from her camera at least. And, another shot of Caroline, ya.

IMG 7748

And of the good ship Legend.

IMG 7754

Hilary’s Pics – The Willy T in all its Glory

A shot of the galley, where all the “magic” happens. 🙂

IMG 7617

Hungry crew ready for dinner. Two tables, one for the parents, one for the kids.

IMG 7621

The morning after…. if the ship could only talk.

IMG 7665

Hilary Pics – The Crew

The magnetic bow… “Daddy, can we go up to the front?”

IMG 7583

Game and Drawing Central…

IMG 7606

Planning to conquer the world? the Caribbean? Or, perhaps just the next week’s activities.

IMG 7607

My buddy Georgia and my other buddy Caroline… playing a new game. (Thanks Devins)

IMG 7613

Hilary’s Pics – Nanny Cay

It’s time to do a bit of a retrospective on the Machans trip to visit us. Hilary took a few pictures (actually more than 1300) that I want to sample and share with you.

First, at the beginning of their trip, she got a bunch of nice shots of Nanny Cay, our home port. So, here they are. And, thanks Hilary.


Nanncy Cay has a neat sign made out of broken tile.

IMG 7552

The lovely boat Legend

IMG 7538

The beach at the Nanncy Cay complex

IMG 7545

The pool at the Nanny Cay complex

IMG 7550

Genaker’s is the restaurant that we frequent for breakfast….think M&M pancakes.

IMG 7540

Genaker’s restaurant

IMG 7558

Warning: Sunsets May Improve Your Disposition

Not sure, but I think we might have to publish a coffee table book… “Sunsets of the Caribbean”


Shells and Kids…

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to group pictures…. sometimes you gotta just say… shells and boys, they go together.

Okay, here’s a really different shell. Hadn’t quite seen anything like it… although I guess that’s not much of a statement given everything is unique.


Now for the kids side of things… all action, all the time. Give them a beach and it’s interesting to see how a game, competition or commentated sports spectacle breaks out.





The Next Generation of Sailor

It was great to see the next generation of sailor take the wheel. They all did very well including…





Sam again…


And, yes, Georgia too… although I’ll have to find a picture of her behind the wheel. Stay tuned.


Just Another Rock…

Apparently, in our adventures with Machins, everyone came across a new type of rock…. The Harrison. They found this rock lying amongst a bunch of other rocks and was quite hard to make out.



More Underwater Treats

While the Machans were down, some of the crew went off to explore a new place we’d not been to before around Prickly Pear Island. They got to the site by dinghy from the Bitter End.

Here are couple of the new things they saw.

A Sea Biscuit. It’s about 10 cm long, a few cm wide and a couple of cm thick.


A giant Pompano fish.


Another angle.


And another


Next Stop… The Bitter End

We do getting to the Bitter End Yacht Club. It’s a little out of the way and only accessible by water. And, yet, it has many amenities.

It has beautiful views… in this case, of the Saba Rock Resort…


Or, just open ocean…. [igniore the horizon…. sometimes the land sways more than the ocean does.]


And, this time, they had a water trampoline out…. FUN!


The Baths

The Baths survive another visit from the Frazers and their guests. Someone asked us if we don’t get tired of going to some of the same places with each set of guests. The answer… no. It’s different each time. Each group sees different things, or has different interests or priorities. So, it’s always fun. Especially with places like The Baths where it is so amazingly unique and beautiful.










More Marina Cay

Sometimes what you’re snorkelling in is very shallow. Here is Blair demonstrating the “Don’t get scraped by sea urchins” pose.


Not sure what Noah is doing here…. I’m cold maybe?


Beautiful shell in the water. Probably about a foot across.