Valentine’s Day and Leaving the Boys on the Boat

I’m going to start this post by answering a question we were asked yesterday…. No, we are not going to leave the boys on the boat to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Egad.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone.

Time to catch up with you.  Since the last time we had real access to the internet, we’ve visited 2 countries, and did 2 day passages.  We travelled to Saba (pronounced say-ba) stayed for a pretty sort weather window and then headed out to St. Kitts and Nevis which is where we are now.  We arrived here yesterday afternoon.  We did a bit of a walk around yesterday after our couple hours of getting checked in with customs, immigration and the port authority.  So, I think that this morning the kids and Caroline will be doing some school work, and I will work on some of the projects that I need to catch up on.  And, I’ll also try and get a zillion post ready to go up.

So, get ready for more pictures.  And, don’t forget to follow where we are real time on the Where Is page of the blog.

Hope you’re well, wherever you are.

Leaving the USVI

So, we’ve bought most of what we came to buy in the USVI.  We’ve got most of the things that we need to replenish our supplies or to be able to fix the things that need fixing.  So, today…. hopefully in the next hour or so, we’ll be setting sail to beat to wind to get back to the BVI.  We’re preparing to do our first larger passage with Legend.  The passage is called the Sombrero Passage because of a small island called Sombrero that, yes, looks like a hat.  Sombrero is in the middle of nowhere and would be great to visit one day.

The weather has been pretty great although it’s been a little more rainy than we would expect at this point in the year.  It should however be getting even better toward the end of the week.  Potentially a good weather window for the passage to St Martin / St. Maarten.

More Soon…

Quick Update

Hi All,

Well, a quick update with words. I haven’t really been telling you what’s been happening as much as showing you snippets of what’s going on. Hopefully in the next day or two I can get some time to write some thoughts down as well as to put up more pictures.

Right now, we’ve just had our first guests leave us a couple of days ago. We had such a great time with them and really enjoyed having folks down with us. After seeing them off in a taxi for the airport, we basically went to our previous nights mooring and then headed off for Charlotte Amalie harbor on the island of St Thomas. The reason is that it is one of the largest cities/towns in this part of the Caribbean. This would allow us to settle in one spot where we can ready the ship and crew for some upcoming longer passages. So, we’ve been getting back in the swing of regular school, provisioning groceries for the boat which never stops, as well as fixing stuff that needs attention on the boat. Oh and did I mention laundry. Today I did the equivalent of 15 loads of laundry. We’d been storing up for a bit so it was good to get that done.

We’ve found a pretty great spot to anchor in the harbour where we get to see the cruise ships come in and out each day. Will maybe try and get a photo of that if I can. In case you’re wondering exactly where we are on the planet, don’t forget to go to our Where Is page. It will show you exactly where we are or more specifically where Legend is.

Okay, I’ve got to leave it at that.  We’ll get more caught up tomorrow…. I hope.