Saba – The Tour

We spent a day touring around Saba.  Sara (I think) at the Marine Conservation Society got us in touch with Rodney, an expat South African, who does tours and taxis people around.  We had a great 3 hour tour of the island that showcase this wonderful 5 square mile island with about 1900 people living on it.  Interestingly enough, about 400 of them are medical students at a private medical school on the island.  A bit  strange.

There are really no beaches and the land rises straight up out of the water.  With only 4 communities on the island an such a small population, everyone at least recognizes everyone.  For this reason, there are a lot of community decisions made by consensus.  One example is all of the red roofs.  There is no law saying they must all be red….. but they are.  The island is also very clean, and the people very warm and courteous.

The Saba people are very interested in taking care of their land and water resources.  Many of the men in the past were very well regarded mariners and that continues as a part of their heritage.  As a community they’ve decided that are going to keep their waters in pristine condition and this almost all the water and coast is a marine park.  You are not allowed to anchor except for a couple of spots on the island.  So, there are about 15 mooring balls in total to use for boats like ours.

A jewel of an island that is unlike any other that we’ve visited.

No, that is not a beach below, although it looks like it would be awesome.