Back in the BVI

Well, we’re back in the BVI and are excited to have our friends Shelley and Marie down.  Caroline went to the USVI to pick them up and escort them back to Road Town harbour in the BVI.  We spent a rolly night at anchor there and then set off for some great snorkelling at a couple of spots including Peter Island.  Peter Island is mostly owned by the head of the Amway corporation.  After a pretty awesome day we headed to The Bight on Norman Island where we spent Saturday night moored next to the Willy T.  Some of you know that being moored next to the Willy T, especially on a Saturday night is like being moored next to a Hard Rock Cafe.  So, we went for a great meal at the Willy T which included fresh Wahoo for me.  Another great day.

Today, we’ll be heading off for more snorkelling, sailing and fun.  And, I’ll try and post some more pictures as I need to get caught up.

More Soon.